There are different reasons why establishments might need to carry out an assessment of their indoor air quality. Sometimes, it might be for general safety purposes and for the well-being of employees. In other cases, companies might want to carry out air quality testing to adhere to requirements for a particular work site. Getting the purity of indoor air tested is not a very tough task as it can be outsourced to a professional firm that specializes in such services. The lack of pure air can affect the health of your employees thereby reducing their overall productivity, leading to lost production or work hours. Hence, it is important to periodically invest in testing services for indoor air assessment.


    • So, what are the different factors that you can test by carrying out such air quality tests?
    • For starters, air assessment can be used to determine what is wrong with the quality of air at your site or facility. Also, it can help you prevent problems in ambient atmosphere even before they occur, by following certain precautionary measures.
    • There are several harmful elements and substances such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, dust mites, petroleum hydrocarbons that are suspended in the air. These are very harmful to health and hence need to be checked from time to time. If you find that their levels are higher than the accepted levels, precautionary steps should immediately be taken.
    • In addition, unexpected factors such strooming blog as mold and water damage in quality of air can also be contributing factors to an unhealthy work environment.
    • Assessing the quality of air is the best step towards testing and remediation solutions.
    • Most firms that are hired for air assessment also have the capacity to offer you other services such as online OSHA training. Training your employees in the standards and rules set down by OSHA is mandatory.
    • Make sure to ask your chosen firm to also carry out a detailed inspection of your air handling systems to determine if they are in great working condition.
    • In addition, airborne and surface bacterial evaluations can also be carried out. This helps you gauge if harmful bacteria thrive in your facility or worksite. You can then take corrective measures.
  • Another important aspect that you should not miss is the HVAC ductwork evaluation. With air conditioners being present in every workplace, the quality of air being circulated in the room needs to be thoroughly tested.

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