Planning a vacation to Madinah but on a budget? Then it is essential to gather reliable information about hotels in Madinah, compare prices and choose the best offers available before finally booking the desired dates to visit the city. 

Madinah is the second holiest city in Islamic culture, after Makkah, which is why the city witnesses a great influx of pilgrims to perform Hajj or Umrah from various countries worldwide. To house the massive number of visitors, Madinah has accommodation facilities ranging from budget hotels to luxurious stays catering to everyone’s needs. However, it can be a tad bit tricky to assemble comprehensive knowledge about the options available and finalize the best deal.

Planning the perfect trip to Madinah is sure to get easier with the stay options mentioned below, that too, within a budget.

Accommodation and Other Facilities in Madinah within a Budget

A visit to Madinah has been made inclusive and affordable by the emerging hotel and accommodation alternatives. Thus, travelers from any place on the earth can arrive to spend some lovely days, experience spirituality, and return with heartfelt memories from Madinah. Not only the top hotels in Madinah but even budget hotels here also provide decent facilities. Below are a few of these hotels, which provide the best deals and great stay facilities in the city:

  • Hasanah Suites: This property is situated within the bounds of Madinah city, making it very convenient for visitors to travel around the city and its famous tourist attractions. The exact location of this budget hotel, from Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Airport, is approximately 14 kilometers, which takes around 1 hour to reach. They offer all top facilities to their guests, and a beautiful garden within the property makes its guests feel close to nature. The guests staying at this hotel only have to travel 6 kilometers to visit Al-Masjid An-Nabawi and 4 kilometers to arrive at the Quba Mosque. Guests can also opt for rooms having a fully equipped kitchen attached to experience better freedom during their stay.
  • Italat Uhud: This hotel is also located in Madinah, from where Al-Masjid An-Nabawi is only around 3 kilometers away. The guests checking into this hotel can also enjoy the dine-in facility at the in-house restaurant. Additionally, it provides free private parking and Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the hotel premise and transportation to the airport. Some of the rooms come with enhanced facilities like a kitchen attached with access to a minibar, fridge, and even a stovetop to feel greater freedom as their homes. Guests can get amazing discounts by planning their stay at this property well in advance.
  • Faraj Almadina Hotel: Besides the essential amenities and facilities, guests checking into this budget hotel can also indulge in several leisure and entertainment options. The hotel is approximately 11 kilometers away from Madinah Airport. Unlike other hotels, Faraj Almadina Hotel has its own Fitness Centre, where guests can work out to feel their best selves on their trip. They can also spend their leisure time in the bar and shared lounge area within the property. The front desk and room service are operational 24×7, while luggage storage is provided to every guest arriving to stay. Accessibility from this hotel is a big advantage as it takes less than 15 minutes to commute to some of the most famous tourist places in the city. 
  • Sukon Hotel: Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport is located at a distance of 11 kilometers from the hotel. Guests can secure accommodation facilities at this hotel at extraordinary prices while enjoying comfort and amenities that can beat any other top hotels in Madinah. Al Noor Mall, Sayed Al Shuhadaa Field, and Al-Baqia Cemetery are very easily accessible by car from this property. A fascinating aspect is that one can book their stay with this hotel beforehand and request rooms that allow breathtaking views of the city.

Ziyarat Places Around the Hotels in Madinah

The Enlightened City is filled with wonders; the Ziyarat sites have great historical and religious significance. Hence, visiting them while vacationing in Madinah or on a pilgrimage is a must. Some of the most celebrated places to marvel at are listed down below:

  • Al-Masjid An-Nabawi: After Masjid-Al-Haram, situated in Makkah, it is the second most regarded and celebrated Mosque globally. Pilgrims from all over the world gather at this site to offer prayers and seek spiritual regeneration by cleansing off past sins. Madinah derives its title -The Enlightened City, from this shrine as it is the place where Prophet Muhammad, along with his followers, took refuge and later was entombed, as well. The intricate architecture of Masjid-An-Nabawi is a treat to the eyes, and the feelings one experiences at this sacred place are beyond explication. 
  • Masjid-E-Quba: It is the second-largest and one of the oldest Mosques in Madinah, making it a must-visit place while touring the city. It is reported that Quba Mosque was the first one to be built in the history of Islam, and the foundation stone was laid by Prophet Muhammad himself. Thus, it holds immense prestigious value in Islamic culture. Pilgrims arriving at the city for Hajj or Umrah cannot afford to miss visiting this Ziyarat site.
  • Masjid-E-Qiblatain: When translated, Masjid-Al-Qiblatain stands for ‘The Masjid of the Two Qiblas’ or the ‘Direction of Prayers’, suggesting the change of Direction from Jerusalem to Makkah. The Masjid bears great religious significance to Islamic culture as it is where Prophet Muhammad received the command to do so. This Masjid in Madinah is also famous for its traditional yet exquisite structural design, a grand prayer hall, and the twin Mihrabs. This ziyarat site is a dream destination for Muslims across the globe, as praying at this shrine is an experience unparalleled.
  • Masjid-Al-Ghamama: Another significant religious site in Madinah is Masjid Ghamama. In Arabic, ‘Ghamam’ refers to clouds or mists; and it is where Prophet Muhammad offered prayers invoking rain during a drought. Quite immediately, clouds enveloped the region and began pouring in heroically. It is one of the earliest Mosques to have been built in Madinah and continues to retain its old-world charm. It was last renovated during the Ottoman era and is in stark contrast to other mosques with contemporary architecture. Worshippers can enter the Mosque and pray five times during the day, absorbing its peaceful ambiance.

Not only the top hotels in Madinah but also the budget hotels listed in this article are located near the ziyarat sites. All of the mentioned shrines could be reached by car very easily without having to travel for long hours. These hotels would guarantee affordable stays, dine-in facilities, and good accessibility to several places to visit around Madinah, making one’s journey complete.

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