But exactly how carry out the Ebay and you may Craigs list compare to both on the seller’s views?

As a result E-bay and PayPal teamed to make sure that people commission transported from client to seller’s PayPal account is not put out to have 21 years old weeks, giving the consumer this amount of time to increase the newest security in the event that an item possess failed to appear.

One another web sites enjoys advantages and disadvantages that or might not match a seller. Here are some of the main benefits of for each website more the other:

1) E-bay has the benefit of a couple a way to offer, auctioning and you can a single out of price. Craigs list makes you sell only at just one speed. The latest upside of your own auctioning choice is that you could record the product on a low price that attract people so you’re able to place a bid. Putting in a bid begets putting in a bid and before long you can also prevent with a market within or significantly more than their wanted rates getting the object. Even though you finish offering having less than you’d expected, at least you have marketed the thing in that you to checklist and won’t need relist at a lower price, taking on fees to own an extra record.

2) Ebay’s charges are much kinder than Amazon’s. Ebay asks a listing payment off $0.75 so you’re able to $step one.fifty per number depending on how a number of the checklist possess you utilize (such as for example even more photographs), together with a final really worth fee that’s about 9 percent of the fresh business speed.

Positives out-of Ebay more Amazon

Auction web sites deducts a fee from six in order to 25 percent of revenue rate, a varying closure percentage, and you can an every-goods percentage away from $0.99. That is fine after you promote costly factors, however you’ll spend as often good $2.94 so you’re able to $3.20 to have an used book that you offered for a few dollars.

3) E-bay enables you to track advances, whereas Auction web sites are a virtually all otherwise little feel. To involved, on account of Ebay’s auctioning element, just can you reach look for who’s bidding to the your own goods, but you buy to see that is enjoying the item. Seem to customers to your Ebay have a tendency to quote when you look at the very last couple of times of number. not, throughout the months leading up to the conclusion your listing, in lieu of leaving you into unsatisfying effect one nothing’s taking place, becoming aware of a watch list informs you there is interest in their items and this get offer.

Which have Amazon simultaneously, you have a lot of time months, months actually, regarding absolutely nothing, no sign on in the event your items features sexy one appeal. Until 1 day, out of the blue, you have made one hallelujah message on your own inbox suggesting one to your items enjoys sold. Yes the duration of the fresh new Craigs list postings try prolonged (60 days), than the Ebay posts (3 so you’re able to ten weeks), however, 60 days is actually a long time to wait on side of your seat which have perhaps not the newest slightest idea on regardless of if anything will come.

4) Towards the Amazon everyone is forever undercutting one another, carrying out a sense of fury and you will fury. Imagine if your listing the Digital video disc to possess $six.99, 24 hours later you look at the directory in order to find anyone else enjoys noted theirs for $6.98 secret mature affairs. You improve your checklist in order to $six.97, and some era later on they will have altered theirs so you’re able to $6.96 etcetera.

Ebay had a record of people becoming ripped off rather than are in a position to recoup their money whenever suppliers (scammers) failed to submit things

Which have E-bay there’s no for example bad feel. Once your product is alive, the website brings the focus towards the offers and you may who’s watching you. Everyone’s posts start off cheaper, and when the brand new putting in a bid starts it’s really no extended your decision, the seller, so you’re able to determine the cost. For this reason, what anyone else are doing the help of its the same goods becomes irrelevant.


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