Child care centers must promote the dental health of children by helping them cultivate good practices in dental care. Here are a few tips for your childcare center to ensure the dental health of children besides giving you some inputs on how to teach them take care of their teeth in a good way.

Start early
Dental care practices must start quite early in every child’s life. Even before the teeth appear, you must start cleaning the teeth of the kids. After feeding, the childcare providers need to wipe the gums of kids to keep them away from germs. Also encourage this practice in the parents at home too. When the first tooth appears, the parents and childcare providers can start using a small toothbrush without toothpaste.

Develop the children’s interest in brushing
Develop the children’s interest in brushing very early in their lives. In caring for their teeth, toddlers and infants might show a great interest when molded and informed rightly. They usually love to see adults and bigger children brush their teeth or floss. This early interest must be ably capitalized on by the parents to teach them the right teeth care regime and habits. If you brush your teeth after every meal, the children will be encouraged to follow your example.

Giving them toothbrushes
Make sure to give a personal toothbrush to every child. The toothbrushes must be labelled with the name of the kids. Dentist advice using small toothbrushes with soft nylon bristles for the young children. The parents must be advised to change the toothbrushes of their kids once in every three to four months. Toothbrushes must be stored in a covered area that is away from their reach.

Brushing and storing tips
Until they are 2 to 3 years old, fluoridated toothpaste is not recommended for kids. Till this age, the childcare providers can guide them to use water and toothbrush with soft bristles. When the children start using toothpaste when they are 2 to 3 years old, ensure that they use a small smear of toothpaste on their crushes. They must spit out the excess toothpaste and must not swallow it.

Never allow to share the same toothpaste tube. While using the same toothpaste tube, children tend to spread germs to others. Ask the family to give a toothpaste tube for their child. Label the tube and maintain it under the custody of the childcare givers. Store the toothbrushes of kids upright without their tips or bristles touching each other. To this end, you can create a toothbrush holder.

Teach children the right way of brushing in circular motion both inside and outside the teeth and gum surfaces. Remind the children that they must brush top to bottom and back to front. This will make sure that all areas of gums and teeth are covered while brushing.

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