Clothes are an important part of your sex doll’s personality. They bring out her personality and make you want to spend time with her. And the best part is that you can make your dream doll wear a different costume depending on your mood.

Whether you want to bend your sexy nurse over the table and push her hard or gently pat your long-haired student, you can do it in the right costume.

So be innovative and plan different clothes for your sex doll so that you can dress her differently from time to time.

And choosing the right size clothes for your doll shouldn’t be a problem, especially for full-size models. However, if you have mini sex dolls, you will need to know the measurements to ensure you get the correct size.

The wig

Having a variety of attractive wigs can help you appreciate the different sides of your doll. Whether you want to look fiery with short hair or a calm princess with long hair, the right wig will allow you to do it perfectly.

Also, you can purchase multiple wigs when purchasing your doll to save a few dollars. You can also buy them online to give your doll a new look every now and then.

Clothes for dolls

To spice up your glamour, consider shopping for naughty costumes, fetish clothing, (anime) cosplay, and sex doll lingerie. It will help change their appearance, and most importantly, it will put them in a good mood.

Life-size dolls are very easy to buy because you can always buy real women’s clothes. You just need to understand your doll’s body shape and configuration, and choosing the ideal clothes won’t be a problem.

In the case of mini-dolls, pay attention to the measurements to avoid creating a lot of unwanted clothing. A safe tip is to get a little smaller size so that it fits your body perfectly.

To avoid :

Avoid dark clothes dyed with low-grade dyes that can discolor your skin if worn for long periods of time. Prefer light colors like pink and white.

However, if you need a dark or light color, be sure to wash it before putting your doll on.

Avoid storing it with corsets and underwear. Unlike human skin, the material can lose its shape if attached with very sticky clothes.

Be sure to remove these types of clothing once you are done putting them on.

Buy and alternate different costumes and fancy clothes. Changing your sex doll costumes will help you get turned on.

If you are unsure of your measurements, you can always buy some inexpensive clothes to get an idea of ​​what is ideal. Once you’re sure about the size, it’s time to buy the ones you really like. This way, you won’t spend too much money on the trial period.

Pin-up shirts and skirts that are too big to create an incredible silhouette.


Stockings are always a good idea, especially if you don’t find your feet attractive.

What size bra do you buy for your lifelike doll?

Your doll has arrived and you want to buy her sexy lingerie. This is where we panic: what size bra to buy?

To make your life easier, here is a bra size calculator that will provide you with the correct size. If the characteristics are not indicated on the sheet, take a tape measure. There are only two measurements to be taken: chest circumference and chest circumference. For each measurement, make sure the tape is parallel to the floor all the way around.


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