Since the children have to stay together in the childcare center, the risks of illnesses spreading is very high. This is especially high in case of dealing with toddlers and infants who wipe their noses and rub their noses with their hands and then touch other children and the objects around. Children are highly prone to get sick during the first few years of their life as they are in the process of building the immunity required to fight infections.

When you run a childcare center, preventing the spread of illness must be one of your top priorities. Here we discuss some practical ways of how to control the spread of illness among the young kids.

Good practices while dealing with children falling ill
In several childcare facilities, there is a constraint of space and hence the childcare providers cannot attend to a sick child separately. It is difficult to isolate the sick child and accommodate it in a separate room where the kid is not exposed to other children.

When you arrange to make the parents pick the child up from the center for special care at their home, you must ensure that the kid is excluded to a location where there is no contact with other kids who have not got exposed to the infection till then.

To maintain the childcare center in a hygienic way, it is best not to let the child moving around in the facility to spread the infection throughout the center. Therefore a good supervision of the concerned child is the crucial need of the hour.

In some centers, the staff member who is knows the child very well and is capable of giving care to ill children can be entrusted with the responsibility to take care of the child till the parents arrive.

In some cases of illness, the child might need minimal care and exclusion might not be required. In such case, the child can be made to lie down calmly in a location while remaining under the supervision of a staff member.

How to react to the situation
Even when you have taken the right preventive measures, you will not know when and how the sick child has caused the spread of infection. Usually in many cases of infection, a child is contagious a day or even more before reporting symptoms. Therefore, staying alert constantly and implementing the best practices to stay healthy are the right ways to prevent the spread of illnesses that can almost happen without your knowledge.

Keep a contingency plan ready to arrange for the pickup of the sick child by the parents if the child falls sick at the center.

Encourage the children with good hand washing practices on all days which will come to your rescue while you will have to deal with the spread of illnesses on any unexpected day.

If the concerned illness is not contagious, it is not required to isolate the sick child from the other kids.

It is advisable to plan most medications to be administered by the parents at their homes. If you need to give medications to any child at the facility, ensure that there are clear procedures to go with.

Focus on good solutions for child care and this will help your childcare facility build a professional image in the community.

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