Immediately after Franky registered the newest team, although not, its dating has enhanced just like the

Inside timeskip, they rarely collaborate however they are nonetheless proven to get along. During the Dressrosa Arc, Franky ran as well as Zoro’s decide to prevent the birdcage. In race in the Rose Resource, Franky followed Zoro’s demand so you can block inbound bullets without a doubt.

Such as the most other Straw Limits, Nami don’t instance Franky to start with because of just what he and his subordinates performed to help you Usopp.

Franky seems to eliminate Nami for example a tiny brother contour, going by the brand new nicknames he uses for this lady. Nami has actually demonstrated Franky as the a perverse nut (when she is actually stuck in the body on account of Trafalgar Law’s Ope Ope no Mi), a thing that Franky got given that a compliment. Nami has also stated that she would as an alternative pass away than carry out robotic tips such as for example shooting beams, a capability one she obviously will not grab definitely. A familiar fun was the woman apathy into Franky’s weirder race developments, hence tend to be appealing to more youthful people. Nami including failed to such as exactly how Franky modified the girl Waver to the the new Shiro Mokuba I instead of her consent. Whenever you are she commonly becomes annoyed during the Franky’s far more childish qualities, she areas his feel as a beneficial Shipwright. She are specifically grateful in order to him to own building the fresh Micro Merry II, because reminded her of the Going Merry.


Usopp and Franky had been first foes, towards the second beating-up Usopp shortly after he occupied the Franky Domestic and attempted to take back their stolen currency. Later on, immediately following kidnapping Usopp so you can lure Luffy, Franky was profoundly went by the Usopp’s dedication to this new damaged Going Merry, and that triggered your to enhance specific respect to your sniper and you can actually offer an area to have him in the Franky Members of the family. The guy and told Usopp in regards to the legend of the Klabautermann, shortly after understanding off Usopp’s obvious stumble on having you to definitely.

Franky’s connection which have Usopp also got better in the prevent from the latest Thriller Bark Arch, where in fact the several worked with her to construct each other a cold mechanism so you’re able to bind Oars positioned and you will a monument grave into the Rumbar Pirates. Usopp and additionally provided to help Franky keep up with the Thousand Bright while in the brand new Sabaody Archipelago Arch. To the Thousand Warm, both have classes that are side by side. Usopp is just one of the crewmembers you to definitely gets without difficulty surprised of the Franky’s automatic characteristics and you will inventions due to their early age.

Following Dressrosa Arc, Franky today generally seems to hold a grudge up against Usopp, whoever earliest bounty are to begin with below Franky’s very own earliest bounty but later managed to go up to help you 200,100000,100000, surpassing Franky’s newest bounty, that is still less than 100,100,one hundred thousand.


Sanji is actually among Straw Caps you to definitely retaliated against the Franky Family when they mugged Usopp. Sanji don’t such as for instance Franky during the time as well as knocked him regarding face when they in the long run fulfilled up to speed the brand new Smoking Tom. Their opinion on the Franky enhanced following latter entered the fresh new team and you will oriented him or her a special motorboat having a home that Sanji recognized.

Sanji shortly after hypocritically known Franky while the an excellent pervert, due to his insufficient jeans (which Franky took since a go with) and frequently will get frustrated by a number of Franky’s weirder characteristics such as for instance given that their ongoing crying once reading sad tales. Regardless of this, Sanji respects Franky’s shipwrighting element and you can Franky has also accepted Sanji as among the strongest competitors throughout the staff. Franky shows particular dislike into the Sanji’s womanizing behavior, particularly on Thriller Bark whenever Sanji shown a lot more matter to have Nami’s safeguards as opposed to Usopp and you can Helicopter following the three very first vanished and soon after in the Wano Country due to Sanji making preparations his soba pasta to draw girls instead of meeting samurai when he is actually in the first place supposed to create. [24]


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