iSperm is the world’s first portable animal sperm analyzer that rapidly evaluates sperm through the use of an iPad mini.

It provides sperm dynamics, total motility, progressive motility, and concentration data. The sperm behavior can also be easily understood thanks to the designated sperm trails.

This mobile computer-assisted sperm analysis (mCASA) tool has a user-friendly interface and software that can be used on bulls, stallions, boars, rams, and dogs. So, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use canine sperm analysis machine, this article is for you.

How Does iSperm Analyzer Work?
The iSperm Analyzer requires an iPad Mini and semen analysis and evaluation software to work. The iSperm kit includes a compact microscope that connects to an iPad Mini’s camera and a semen collector with a sampling chip where you can put a semen sample before sealing it with a base chip.

The collector is placed inside the microscope, which is then connected to the iPad. When the light turns on, the app will record through the iPad’s camera an HD video of the sample. You can observe the sperm at a magnification of 200x.

It takes 17 seconds to complete the process: 10 seconds for video capture and 7 seconds for analysis. You can either store the video to watch later for further analysis or reference.

There are a few key characteristics of iSperm that you should be aware of and will benefit from. Check them below.

Core Features & Advantages
The iSperm analyzer is designed to be used by veterinarians, technicians, and professional dog breeders without any special training or expertise. It is a simple, inexpensive, and reliable semen evaluation device with no need for complicated reagents or lab work.

It is also often used as an educational tool by veterinary students when analyzing semen quality and characteristics. Below are its core features and benefits.

Easy Swimming Tracks Analysis
To determine sperm fertility, iSperm evaluates semen properties such as velocity, straightness, and all movements made by the sperm. It color-codes the sperms according to their swimming patterns, allowing you to examine and assess each sperm’s swimming patterns easily.

Simple Saving Feature
You can keep the information in iSperm to review or study it later. If you’re a breeder, researcher, or veterinarian, you can use this feature in managing the data of the dogs under your care.

The user interface is straightforward. The techniques for using it to get an accurate semen analysis are simple to follow. Anyone can use it.

High Portability
The iSperm analyzer is highly portable and can be carried in a small bag. Field researchers can bring it anywhere and use it at any time.

Bluetooth Connectivity
It has BlueTooth connectivity that allows for a more reliable wireless exchange of files.

There is an upfront cost associated with iSperm Analyzer for the iPad Mini, the app, and the kit itself. However, it is still more affordable than other canine sperm analysis machines in the market.

Maximize Litter Size with iSperm Analyzer
iSperm is the most reliable and portable CASA Dog Semen Analyzer that lets you evaluate sperm motility and concentration accurately and quickly.

With iSperm Analyzer, there’ll be no more sending off samples to labs for analysis, no more waiting time for results, most of all, easy access helps you maximize litter size. You can test any time you want and as often as you like. It helps you save money, especially if you regularly do sperm analysis.

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