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Hair extensions are beauty products in increased demand in the consumer market. As the beauty items are delicate, you need sturdy packaging to keep them safe from potential hazards. The custom hair extension boxes can be ideal since they are specially built for that purpose. Moreover, if you wish to be influential in the buying behavior of potential clients, these boxes should also endure the attractiveness of hair extensions. But how can you compliment the charm of these beauty products? For this, you need to follow these 7 easy tips, which will ensure a memorable experience for the shoppers.

Unique unboxing experience of hair extension boxes:

Working on the design of hair extension boxes to offer a unique unboxing experience is a sure way to stand out among the masses. Are you wondering what makes the unboxing of your packages stand apart? The branded elements help in this aspect. Adding them to your packaging will make your product pop out. Even the little things matter, so incorporate all the essential branding elements into your hair extension packaging. The branded features, like promotional offers, discounted coupons, bookmarks, stickers, handwritten notes, will delight the clients. Think of some famous hair extension brands like Indique Hair and Richy Hair and notice what they do to make their unboxing experience unique. Take inspiration and design your hair extension packages.

Focus on external aesthetics:

For any packaging, the external appearance matters the most. The exterior design is the first thing the customers look at even before looking at your product. So, it will be beneficial to pay the required attention to the external aesthetics of your hair extension boxes. A mixture of attractive color themes, patterns, images, fonts, etc., all adds to the exterior aesthetics. Work on creating a beautiful way, and images printed on your packages should be striking.

Similarly, the size and shape of a box also add to the beauty of packaging design. Ensure to provide perfectly sized packages designed in creative conditions like window-cut, custom sleeves, foldable, etc. Your brand’s name and unique logo on the packaging as they play an influential role in increasing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Strategic use of inserts:

To ensure a classy and eye-catching packaging, creatively using the custom inserts is necessary. Why most of the packaging designs are unable to make a good impression on the clients? This is because they are complex, and customers get dissatisfied with these designs. The first and foremost demand of consumers is functional and practical packaging. The inserts will make your hair extension packages easy to use and valuable. You can utilize them to display multiple hair extensions separately and professionally. They provide an extra cushion of protection to your products as well. Their strategic use of beautiful artwork can do wonders for you.

Distinctive color combinations:

The color combinations you select for your hair extension packages hold the key to the success of your items. The wrong selection of color themes can be a disaster for your brand. Understand color psychology first to know the moods or feelings different colors convey. For instance, the yellow color invokes strong emotions in the customers. On the other hand, the blue one is known for its calmness and serenity. Have a sound knowledge of color psychology, and then choose the color themes for your hair extension packages design. The CMYK color model is quite effective in selecting the colors of your choices since you can use it to produce billions of colors.

Precise and readable details printed on hair extension boxes:

Fake advertising of hair extension products can hurt your brand badly. Incorporate the correct information only into your packaging design to earn the confidence of the clients. The customers want to look at the information printed on the boxes to know the effectiveness of the product inside. If you deceive them, they will deceive you in return by switching their brands. Therefore, assure all the details about your product or brand printed on the packages are honest and authentic to build your confidence in the minds of consumers. Also, focus on selecting the most appropriate fonts, making the information easily readable.

Let them see:

Assume that you enter a retail shop of hair extensions where you see a lot of products packaged beautifully and attractively. After walking in the store for some time, you come across transparent packaging and let you know the product inside, which will be your preferential choice to buy the hair extensions in a blank or windowed box. Of course, you will go with the windowed one as it offers you convenience by a unique sneak peek. In the case of hair extensions, allowing the people to see inside without even the need of touching will surely impress them.

Be innovative:

Be innovative with your packaging design to make sure your hair extensions stand apart in the consumers’ market. It would help if you understood that printing is not the only option to make your box design stand out among the competitors. Using custom tape or custom stickers innovatively can also enhance the elegance of your packages. Not only the stickers and custom tapes are affordable, but they enhance the user experience. Using them will make your hair extension packages look like a masterpiece.

You are concluding to the point that custom hair extension boxes can be made attractive easily by following the tips above. Look to mesmerize the clients in the very first look by providing an excellent unboxing experience. Pay equivalent heed to the external and internal design to make a difference. Besides, design your packaging for the sensual world to be on the top.


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