Robbie upcoming states which he cannot seem to talk to Vixen as he can’t keep in touch with ladies the guy enjoys

Robbie Ignacious Hilary ‘s the man out-of Procurer, the brand new sibling-in-law off Em and the fundamental protagonist of Robbie the fresh new Reindeer trilogy.

Such their dad, Robbie has actually an effective nostrils. not even though the his dad’s bulbs right up, Robbie’s nostrils music (elizabeth.g metropolitan areas on the a planet and you can Donner’s classy yogurts which were ate by the Prancer).

He is voiced by Ardal O’Hanlon (who and takes on Dad Dougal McGuire and Thermoman) on fresh Uk adaptation and you can Ben Stiller (who together with starred Alex) from the Western redub.

Hooves off Fire (1999)

Robbie happens within the Coldcester in the . Upon to arrive he spends their suitcase as a good sledge to obtain for the sleigh team’s hotel but turns out crashing inside the and you may becomes safeguarded in his luggage, leading to two of the reindeer Donner and you will Prancer to trust he is the history of some rare endangered variety that Prancer thinks they have to eliminate, however, Robbie may be able to present himself simply after a while. He could be upcoming greeted of the sleigh team’s captain Blitzen whom introduces your into team. Robbie after that displays to the team exactly how their nose is also song something elizabeth.grams towns and cities with look at here now the a globe and you may expensive yogurts (tasty donuts regarding Western adaptation) Donner got and that where drank because of the Prancer. Robbie isn’t happy when Blitzen informs your that the people simply illustrate additional 364 days of the season and requires whenever the following coach out of town is, that Prancer tells your that it is April.

Robbie will be proven to his room by the Donner (that has build break on your) and you can says to her one to their father sent your to Coldcester getting profile strengthening as he is readily sidetracked which is proven correct as he places Vixen and you can drops in love with this lady, much in order to Donner’s dismay.

Robbie cannot get it done from the reindeer’s fitness center that Blitzen tells your not exercise and offer him a cheddar hamburger, fries, a newsprint and you will a pipe and therefore Robbie accepts, unaware one Blitzen desires your from the people as he was envious off Rudolph for being so much more famous than just your.

A month shortly after signing up for the group, Robbie would go to Donner having physio and you can informs the lady he are unable to focus on exercising due to the fact they are met an extremely unique reindeer and can’t stop thinking about their. In the beginning, Procurer believes that he’s dealing with their, merely to upcoming understand that he’s speaking of Vixen. Procurer highlights he can also be communicate with her that Robbie states it’s because they might be mates (British jargon having loved ones) that an unhappy Donner connections Robbie within the tangles and you may departs him around.


Later, Robbie along with the almost every other sleigh associates sit in an event within Santa’s domestic where the sleigh try revealed that has a music, a talking ashtray and you may a routing system that produces Robbie believe he’s off the cluster, however, Santa assures him he can still go because the Blitzen came up with a concept, to exit at the rear of the quintessential not fit reindeer and therefore Robbies notices given that themselves.

Donner happens indeed there to obtain multiple-fitness centers which is capable encourage Robbie to take part in The Reindeer Games to acquire straight back into the group. Robbie believes into the idea, claiming he’ll do it to have himself, his dad and more than of all Vixen (much so you can Donner’s dissatisfaction).

Donner says to Robbie that he are unable to train on most other reindeer since the Blitzen will do that which you to eliminate your. Robbie at first doesn’t faith Blitzen would do one to, provided your is his best friend, but transform his notice when Donner reveals your Blitzen tossing darts or other sharp stuff within an images off him. Procurer tells Robbie you to definitely she is needed a teacher and you can these’s only one in your neighborhood titled Dated Jingle (exactly who Robbie states try old whenever their dad are young) to rehearse Robbie towards the event, The newest Steeplechase.


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