Shinoa and Guren provides an almost relationship, and then he claims however actually let her destroy your

Frontrunner of the Japanese Purple Demon Army and Hiragi relatives, he seems down on Guren, who is of a lower life expectancy branch household members. Guren resented Tenri significantly for how his father was handled and you may cruelly executed and you will immediately after the guy ascended toward Direct of Ichinose Clan up on his dad becoming done. Up on ultimately fulfilling Tenri he exuded a large amount of rage and hatred, and that Tenri mockingly scoffed on, and you may don’t relent although Tenri stepped on his direct, his wrath indeed increasing because of the most of the second to the stage where they grabbed all the he previously to end him regarding attacking Tenri. Age later, Guren stays on the antagonistic terminology with Tenri, openly contacting him and the remaining Hiragi this new poor and you may bland, from which part Tenri replied from the coldly intimidating to conquer your, and then he actually works closely with Kureto, which he doesn’t such as for example as well, up against Tenri and fully supporting Kureto’s need to eliminate his father. Later Kureto eliminates Tenri and get the best choice of JIDA additionally the latest direct of your Hiragi members of the family.

Aiko Aihara

Inside the Nagoya, Aiko sobs out to Guren concerning the deaths of their comrades and you will blames herself for it, yet not the guy informs her one their deaths are uniformdating reviews around his hands and not hers.

Guren informs this lady to remain at the rear of in order to change others squads, who does later are available away from in which their towns and cities might possibly be and their next instructions. She tearfully welcomes and in get back the remainder along with her is actually allowed to other individuals.

Shinoa Hiragi

She’s Guren’s under, and he assigns the lady to get the new surveillance manager to help you one another Yu and you will Kimizuki. The woman brother ‘s the devil inside Guren’s blade. Once discovering one to Guren has been playing around towards Yu, she asks him just what their genuine objectives try. She becomes more concerned immediately following reading one the girl aunt are impacting Guren behind-the-scenes. Yet not, she stays dedicated so you can Guren. A member of the newest prestigious Hiragi relatives. She is found shocked as with any regarding the woman squad when he slaughters their other troops on Nagoya.

In the Shinjuku Guren has worked in order to suppresses Shikama Doji who had been possessing Shinoa with the intention that she you will definitely regain her very own human anatomy.

Yuichiro Hyakuya

Whenever Yuichiro escapes Sanguinem, Guren takes your when you look at the and you may trains him as the an effective soldier and you will miracle firearm of Japanese Imperial Demon Armed forces. Guren knows he had been a survivor of your own Hyakuya Orphanage, and you can conserves your into earliest aim of experimenting into your. Even in the event in their number of years along with her, they establish a virtually matchmaking, and you may Guren will act as a father/coach contour to Yu. However, Guren will scold Yu when he cannot realize his requests into the battlefield, an example as he punched Yu getting maybe not initiating the new curse into the Mikaela within the Shinjuku.

Through to the battle, Guren tells Yu not to stick to the Hiragi Family unit members, since the one who saved Yu is your and this Guren “owns” him. Through to arriving late to own Guren’s message, Guren put Yu because a hostage significantly less than Goshi’s illusion spell while the abuse towards Shinoa group. During their meets towards kids, Guren engages into the one to-on-one handle that have Yu, defeats him in addition to Shinoa squad.

When you look at the ambush up against Crowley, Yu makes their each of their tries to cut Guren, however, requests which they get off with the rendezvous area immediately. Upon retreating, Yu ended up being heartbroken that he didn’t help save Guren. From inside the a good flashback, Guren are revealed seeking to spirits Yu out of a horror. So it led to Yu overdosing the pills that has been implemented by the their dying. He afterwards gets up with Asuramaru’s capability to cut Guren once more off Crowley. When Yu can become a half-demon, Guren says to him to find back to his senses.


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