Choosing the right crib for your infant can be a challenging undertaking because there are so many types and variations available in baby crib stores nowadays. The quest for the right crib may begin after you know your budget and which crib features are most essential to you.

We’ve put up a comprehensive crib purchasing guide that includes information on crib safety mechanisms, styles, and designs to help you make an informed decision.

Safety in a Crib
New cribs are required by law to fulfill certain minimal standards. So, when you start shopping for a crib, make sure you’re up to date on the most recent safety requirements.

Even the cheapest cot should be safe for your child if you follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions and use it correctly. Though it happens sometimes, you should be on the lookout for current product recalls for children’s items just in case.

No-Drop Side Feature
It used to be common for infant cribs to come with either fixed or drop-down sides (either single-drop or double-drop). Despite its convenience, drop sides pose major safety risks and have been prohibited in the United States.

Drop-side cribs are banned under crib safety requirements, and manufacturers are not authorized to produce new drop-side cribs. If you have a crib with drop sides, swap it out for a crib with a fixed side and avoid buying a drop-side crib from a baby crib store as a present.

Mattress Safety
Your baby’s cot should have a firm mattress that fits tightly in the crib to ensure their safety. Thankfully, full-size crib and mattress measurements have been synchronized. In other words, when purchasing a full-size crib and mattress individually, the mattress should be large enough to fit nicely within the crib.

There are several exceptions to this rule when it comes to portable cribs and beds, such as those that are smaller than full-size. So, if you’re ordering a non-full-size crib, the mattress should be included and not sold separately.

Baby Crib Designs
Even though your baby’s crib is the centerpiece of the nursery, picking the correct design and color might be daunting at first, especially with so many possibilities. Many safe and stylish cribs may be found at practically any price range in any baby crib store.

To narrow your search, you must first select your budget. This is an overview of the various options.

Conventional Cribs
A regular crib is a good option if you want a simple full-size cot without the need for a lot of frills. Conventional cribs are the least priced and most basic crib choice. Indeed, some cribs may be had for less than $100. With that being said, you may want to check out ordinary cribs instead of more expensive options if your budget is limited.

Convertible Cribs
Convertible cribs are among the most popular options available. Many purchasers find cribs that grow with your baby appealing since they may be used as toddler beds or full-size adult beds, depending on the buyer’s needs. Cribs designated 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 have two and three functions, respectively.

Before making your final choice on a transition crib, make sure you know how much the conversion kit will cost. Ask yourself if you intend to convert the crib, or if you intend to keep the crib and buy a separate toddler bed for each of your children. You may be able to forgo the stage of transitioning your toddler to a twin bed in order to save money.

You may be confident that there are safe cribs available at every price range when it comes to purchasing a crib for your newborn. Finding a crib, having it delivered, and having it built is the largest obstacle you’ll face. Visit Kids N’ Cribs to find cribs that are both safe for your kid and beautiful for your nursery.

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