When it comes to real estate brokers, it is a bit difficult to grasp an exact definition of it. One must be aware of the obligations and duties of a broker before they determine it. A broker is also known as the real estate agent or a realtor who is basically a person who works as a middleman between a buyer and a property seller.

Real estate broker in Dubai or from anywhere should specialise in wither residential or commercial real estate or even both. They should be responsible for discovering leads like creating contracts, setting off a property deal, handling secretarial work and other duties. The most crucial duty of a broker is to be a professional person who should be customer centric who can build networks and maintain a cordial relationship with the customers.

Things to know about real estate brokers

  • First of all, they are licensed professionals who participate in property transactions or negotiations. That is why; they are known to be a qualified expert. They are also known as real estate associates and they are responsible for bringing the buyer and seller together in one platform to complete the deal.
  • The brokers have more significant functions to perform. They are skilled, technically sound and certified in the property industry. They can also act as independent agents or can run their own agency employing other real estate people in sales department.
  • Realtors are mostly licensed agents who are the members of trade or the realtor’s association.
  • In Dubai, real estate brokers must adhere to a code of behaviour which is outlined in the Committee’s code of personal ethics.
  • In order to retain a record of all transactions and to deliver the true copies of the contract they need to request for a sale or an off plan sale.
  • They need to provide all the information data if the department requests for it.
  • In order to ensure clarity and to eliminate doubt one has to share all information about the discussions and phases of the brokerage process with the customers.
  • A real estate broker should never deal with any illegal transactions. They should conduct transactions in good faith and are liable for any fraud or mistakes that they make.
  • Real estate is also required to accept responsibility as a contracting party and not to represent themselves as a secondary contract party.
  • The trustee for any securities or payments given to them by the parties is real estate.
  • If there is any loss or damage which is suffered by the parties as a result of the broker’s deception or some fraudulent act should be addressed and taken care of by the brokers only.
  • If there is any conflict of interest, then the real estate agent might lose their right to pay if their acts are inconsistent and they interfere with good ethics.
  • If more than one broker is involved in the execution of a contract then the real estate owners shall be jointly liable.
  • If it is not agreed then the real estate brokers shall be jointly accountable for transactions involving several parties.

Collaboration with buyers

Brokers need to assist the customers who want to purchase a home by providing them proper advice and services in order to assist them in finding a home. It should meet the customer’s need and they must help in completing the entire transaction which involves:

  • Assisting the customers in locating the houses in their preferred location which is also within the budget and meet other criteria.
  • Organising and assisting the customers when they are seeing and visiting homes.
  • When the buyer decides to make an offer, then the brokers need to assist them in drafting the initial offer and purchase agreement.
  • Once the purchase contract is being signed, the buyer should coordinate the transaction procedure and during the transaction process, explaining the papers is crucial.

Supervising Agents and Brokers

Sometimes a broker can also be a supervisor or a managing broker and they are licensed to supervise or manage the agents. The agents working under them handle all the majority of the brokerage transactions. They verify that all brokerage agents are still licensed and the agents are trained and instructed properly with the help of training resources which are provided. They are also in charge of agent conducts, legal compliance and performance. The supervisors provide agents with some marketing materials and services as well. They also frequently maintain a brokerage website for the purpose of agent promotion.

Working for Sellers: Real Estate Brokers

While an agent works on behalf of a broker they need to do some tasks frequently. The broker also needs to manage the transactions for sellers. There are certain states where all brokers are licensed, but only a few are authorised to oversee the agents. The broker’s responsibility mostly includes:

  • Multiple listing service or MLS which allows people to list their property in order to sale them locally.
  • To bring the purchasers to the property the brokerage listings are shared with other MLS broker members.
  • Successful buyer brokers share the listing commission and assist the home sellers with their preparation of their house for showing and sale.
  • Successful buyer brokers also share the listing commission.

When one is looking for the best real estate companies Dubai, they must keep all these things in mind. It should be known that the real estate broker is always responsible for coordinating and negotiating the real estate deals. They are the licensed individuals who come with regular responsibilities like creating contracts and monitoring transactions for land, house and commercial properties in order to purchase and sale. A broker always holds a high level license than a real estate agent and they are also able to engage a real estate agent to operate as a team under their direction. Brokers have more significant functions to deal with and that is why one should know them.


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