Conscious Paleo Eaters

Over the years, many diets and related fads have taken over the health and wellness world by storm. The Paleo Diet is one of them. Considered to be one of the most popular diets that have affected the fitness community all over the world, the Paleo Diet is an eating pattern, which is better called the Paleolithic Diet, shortened to Paleo.


What Constitutes a Paleo Diet?

A Paleo Diet is also known as the Stone Age Diet/Caveman Diet, which aims to copy the way ancient hunters use to consume food millions of years ago. Followers of this diet eat a large quantity of red and white meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, healthy oils, water, with seeds and nuts. However, they should restrict the consumption of processed foods, legumes, fast food, potatoes, fizzy drinks, artificial ingredients, dairy products (except eggs), or healthy grains.


Why Do You Need an App for Tracking Your Paleo Diet?

While this diet plan may prove to be challenging especially when you are trying to locate a genuine source. But luckily, smartphone apps make it much easier to follow the latest fad that’s hit the airwaves. When you download paleo apps, these will help you discover your favorite recipes, track your eating schedules, tips and tricks, and a lot more. However, if your internet connection is constantly breaking apart, it’s time to rethink this internet service.


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Top Apps for the Weight Conscious Paleo Eaters

Whether you have just jumped the bandwagon, or have been dieting for years, healthy food can be a tricky domain. This is where phone apps related to that particular diet, in this case, paleo-related apps make it much easier to keep a record of your daily food intake and synchronize it with a training schedule to cater to the specific eater. We rounded some of our favorite apps, just for you!


A Fantastic Paleo Cooking Mobile App: Nom Nom Paleo

Paleo Diet can be slightly difficult to follow, especially if you have to cook every day. That’s where this app comes in handy. This cellphone app will help you to cook mouth-watering paleo meals, which will make it simple and easy to follow this eating style. There are 2000+ images of illustrated recipes, that can easily be followed. The meal plans are simple to follow and complement all kinds of exercise routines. The app elucidates each step of cooking, making this app an absolute delight, both among beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.


Moreover, it provides helpful tips and tricks that users can use and incorporate into their paleo-based lifestyle. Approximately 145 paleo-based recipes are found in this app, which is all gluten-friendly. Additionally, supplemental content such as paleo-based grocery lists, relevant shopping guides, and extra resources are also present that would further facilitate the user.


If You Enjoy Cooking and Meal Prep: Eat This Much

This is a great app since it helps with your meal plan process that includes the different types of food items that you should incorporate in your meal plan. The inputs basic info into the app such as weight, expected weight, height, etc. The nutritional scanner is a helpful feature of the app. Moreover, calorie recommendations are presented to the user, who may use them as considered effective. The app not only tracks the kind of food you eat but also what you consume daily and weekly.


The idea behind this amazing app is to assist the user with healthy eating and adeptly following the Paleo Diet, without worrying about minor factors. Once all the food items are entered into the app, a meal plan is generated. Additionally, grocery lists can also be created similarly while keeping your budget intact. This app is available on both Android and iOS, with in-app purchases available.


Incorporate a Paleo-Based Home Workout Plan: Home Workout

As the name suggests, this is a great app for home workouts. The best part is that no additional fitness equipment is required to keep up with the exercise regime. This is perfect for users who have just started their weight loss journey or have returned to their exercise regime and had prior experience. However, while it emphasizes beginner levels, it is still considered shoulder advanced.


This is a proven fact that diet and an exercise routine can together lead to a healthy life. Diet alone isn’t enough to contribute or promote good health; exercise is essential. That’s why you need to incorporate an active workout routine into your daily schedule. These apps will not just help you keep active but will also provide you with information about the different sets of exercises that you carry out every day.


The Bottom Line…

These are some amazing apps that will help you achieve and sustain new eating habits while fully helping you with your new weight loss lifestyle. Paleo may be difficult, to begin with, but once you do, find like-minded people who can share their life stories that would be both a help and guide for this lifestyle choice.

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