Wanting an equilibrium ranging from Hierarchical and you may Egalitarian Dating

All the transcribed studies was indeed analysed inductively using the half dozen-stage method regarding Braun and you may Clarke’s (2012) thematic investigation. The brand new FGDs for the mothers plus the young people was indeed analysed alone. The study been having an over-all investigation familiarisation because of the discovering new responses several times to locate an introduction to the content. So it very first phase incorporated providing cards and you can showing sentences and you may paragraphs you to definitely caught otherwise regarding the thought of a good dialectical techniques on the mother-boy relationships. On next stage, requirements have been systematically taken from the info to a table, which was regularly develop a programming design to use to help you the details. New codes clearly concerned about the latest core object of the investigation and was with the a descriptive height-the fresh new parents’ and youths’ experiences and you will thinking of dialectical techniques throughout the father or mother-child dating. In the 3rd stage, if the whole text was coded, the brand new people assessed and you can clustered the codes according to their parallels and differences. Several templates was in fact understood right after which clustered below various other subthemes. In the 4th phase, this new writers compared and you may talked about the potential subthemes that had been understood from the rules. The possibility subthemes was indeed then understated in order for for each theme is greater enough to capture a set of this new participants’ experiences and you can thinking. All of the subthemes have been blended and you will set-up to your themes you to definitely encapsulated and you may summarised the fresh key of the subthemes. Over the past action of your analysis, the fresh new experts examined the latest layouts plus the subthemes and compared him or her towards rules. To guarantee the findings’ trustworthiness and you will confirmability, the authors discussed the findings until they attained an opinion towards the fresh templates.


The research known one or two layouts: 1) looking for a balance between hierarchical and egalitarian dating and you will dos) sharing out of areas. Those two overarching themes was indeed after that divided, for each consisting of three subthemes.

This new theme trying to find equilibrium anywhere between hierarchical and you can egalitarian relationships includes three subthemes: detailing past and provide relationship between moms and dads and you may youngsters, demanding transform one dictate the partnership and undertaking mutual dictate in the service.

Earlier and present Dating

The analysis understood a difference between parents’ and you may youths’ narratives off the latest dialectical processes for the parent-son relationship. The parents discussed the partnership anywhere between on their own as well as their pupils centered toward Ladnaan program, because childhood compared Somali parents with Swedish moms and dads.

Brand new youth chatted about just how Somali parents put authoritarian child-rearing generally and exactly how that it lead to problems and low-revelation. Overall fellow member indicated, “They [Somali parents] discover just how to shout at son; it is said to achieve that and this, then child pretends to help you obey just to match the moms and dads” (FGD1, people young people (FY) 1). Particular youthfulness, such as people who had lived-in Sweden for a https://datingranking.net/adultfriendfinder-review/ brief period merely, argued that authoritarian way of child-rearing might possibly be useful for specific teens and therefore Somali parents wanted what is actually ideal for their children:

“But it is in our notice when parents was yelling at all of us as if we are at home having fun with our phones from day to night, men is to experience videogames, so nobody do their homework, however mothers shout in the us or take the brand new cellular devices regarding you, next i do the guides” (FGD1, FY step three).

Furthermore, this new teens highlighted the significance of mode laws and you may limitations and exactly how their lack can result in harm to guys:

“To help you discipline the kid, it means delivering your to help you a great locations for example mosques and you may informing him. I noticed other students choosing crappy family unit members, immediately after which likely to get otherwise offer pills. Moms and dads is to inquire the kid how school are now, however youngsters are going out, going back and then sleeping” (FGD2, male teens (MY) 5).


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