Meeting parents’ expectations adequately is necessary to enhance the professional image of your childcare center besides increasing enrolments. Here is a list of things you must ensure in your childcare center in these lines.

Warm and responsive relationship with kids
Ensure to maintain the ideal caregiver – children ratio in your center. The ideal ratio recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics is one adult for three babies up to 12 months of age. The first caregivers of babies must be warm and responsive in their relationship with the kids.

Experience and retention rate
Young children need predictable and consistent care. Therefore, it is essential that your center appoints longtime caregivers who will work with you at least for a year continuously. The staff’s experience level and how long they stay with you are indications to parents to value the aspects of predictability and consistency in childcare.

Have some pre-defined good policies
Develop some good policies on childcare and implement them scrupulously to ensure a consistent quality of care in your daycare center. Some of the most important areas to focus in this regard include strategies to deal with discipline issues, how much of TV is allowed, how much time the babies are allowed to nap, and dealing with sick children for example.

Communication with parents
Even minute details are important when it comes to communicating with the parents. Let the parents know if the child has any problems in sleeping, how many diapers the baby went through, was the child happy overall, whether the child ate properly during mealtimes and if the baby is teething. It is also good to give a specific phone time for the parents to call up the center to discuss about their children.

Protocol to solve issues
It is obvious that some problems may crop up between the daycare center and the parents. These problems must be addressed before they get out of proportion. While some issues can be solved quickly, some might need detailed discussions. Never be afraid to speak to parents. Good communication can help solve issues quickly and ensure build trust.

Be prepared to change
You can’t be a master of everything related to managing a childcare center. The policies, schedule, programs and strategies you developed might fall short of meeting the parents’ objectives. If the parents bring any such observations to your notice, evaluate the situation from an objective point of view and be ready to go for a change.

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