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Unlisted shares are securities or financial tools that are not traded on a stock exchange. The risk of investing is significantly tiny because the SEBI well controls the share market, and market values and revelations are transparent. This level of transparency and regulation does not exist in the unlisted space. Let us discuss it in detail.

How do you find an unlisted company’s share price?

When it does come to unlisted shares, tracking can be challenging at times. Investors in unlisted shares do not have the power to verify the share price or keep track of the cost of unlisted companies daily. Unlisted shares are being shown at surface level in the depository’s proposal (NSDL or CDSL) or the stock broker’s application, making it difficult for shareholders to track the price.

The most significant shares available on the platform and their unlisted share price list are below.

  • The unlisted share price of HDB Financial is $780 per share.
  • Unlisted Paytm Share Price = 11000 per share
  • Unlisted Hero-Fin Corp Share Price = 850 per share
  • The unlisted share price of Nazara Tech is $540 per share.
  • Unlisted Share Price of Studds Accessories = 750 per share
  • The unlisted share price of Barbeque Nation is $785 per share.
  • The unlisted share price of Reliance Retail is $1200 per share.
  • The unlisted share price of Indofil Industries is $750 per share.
  • The unlisted share price of MSEI is $1.25 per share.
  • The unlisted share price of CSK is $35 per share.

Is it a good idea to invest in unlisted shares?

You can benefit from continuing to invest in unlisted shares in India via PMS schemes that include unlisted shares in their investment strategy. This is far safer than buying goods because you can spread risk across the portfolio’s constituents.

What exactly is an unlisted company?

Unlisted companies are those whose stocks are not traded on the NSE or BSE or those that have not issued an IPO. Unlisted companies are not traded on the BSE or NSE platforms. They never gave an IPO and may not do so in the coming weeks, months, or years. The unlisted share price is determined by its fundamentals and financials. The value of unlisted shares will not be the same whenever the company issues an IPO, but we can anticipate a price close to the unregistered price. A few companies buy and sell unlisted shares, but this can be risky.

How do you find an unlisted company’s share price?

Their websites display the current price of unlisted shares for all unlisted company share prices available for investment. If the price isn’t available on the website, it can be obtained by email.

How can I find out the share price of an unlisted company?

A few companies sell and buy unlisted company shares, and you can get an estimate of the unregistered company share price. Their prevailing fundamentals and financial results determine the cost of unlisted companies’ shares.


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