With respect to almost any purchase decision, it’s considered advisable to do your shopping and research wisely. The more digging the better. Buyers are encouraged to research a product or service thoroughly before deciding whether or not to ultimately invest in it.

In most industries, that’s a good thing. After all, you do need to be sure that you’re putting your money in the right place. Case in point: online marketing services.

But there is one caveat. When you’re looking for an SEO agency, such as, specifically, a Shopify SEO agency, you don’t want to dig too deep.

Here’s the reason. Agencies that offer SEO marketing services are specifically selling services to improve organic rankings – that is, listings in the search results. It should be pretty easy to find them. They’re actually selling search engine optimization services.

The point is this: if they can’t even make their own website rank, why should you believe they’ll be able to get yours to do the same?

When you look for a “Shopify SEO agency” using that specific keyword or a similar one, you should expect to see some quality options populate the SERPs. In this instance, you should not be looking for down the rungs of the ladder.

Now, after the point that you’ve chosen an agency to meet your needs, then you can complete the rest of your purchasing prerequisites. Do your research, ask good questions, look for reviews, and all that, but for the sake of all that’s good, do not look all the way down the page for a buried option. In this instance, it will not help you.

Are There Any Benefits That a SaaS like Shopify Can Offer?
A common question that SEO agencies get – especially when working with clients that haven’t launched a website or are considering a migration is, are there any benefits to using Shopify or a similar hosted service.

There are several. On the technical SEO side, Shopify basically ensures uptime, site speed, and site security, all of which are either ranking factors or affect user behavior to the point that they should be ranking factors.

Shopify is also compatible with a wide range of free themes to which customizations can easily be made, and the platform automatically generates an XML sitemap, both of which features offer an SEO boost.

On the content side, it’s easy to launch a blog as well as to make simple customizations or adjustments to page-level content, boosting on-page SEO.

So there are actually a few benefits to using a SaaS like Shopify for SEO – but there are also many things a Shopify SEO agency can do for an online business that the eCommerce platform will not do on its own.

What Can a Shopify SEO Agency Do?
If you’re currently based on Shopify or thinking about making the switch, don’t waste any time hiring a qualified Shopify SEO agency. They can bring your site up to speed with the following:

● Perform keyword research.
● Perform a site audit to identify any issues with duplicate content, broken links, and other such issues.
● Make adjustments to web design that affect your other Shopify marketing efforts.
● Develop a link strategy.
● Optimize your current content and deliver new content.
● Monitor your GA and GSC to identify any undue changes in organic traffic.
● Offer other support organic marketing services, like content marketing and social media management for your eCommerce business.

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