Interested in updating your current fleet of name tags with high-quality, reusable name tags? There are plenty of good reasons you might want to do so, but are they better than traditional pin-fastened name tags?

It’s not really a matter of good and better, but simply a matter of advantages. Pin-fastened name tags are still very useful for branding and communication, but there are several situations in which reusable magnetic name tags can offer additional value.

● Better for those with manual dexterity issues
It can be very difficult for some people, especially those with motor challenges, to open and close the small pins that secure traditional name tags. Opening and closing safety pins or the gates that secure a pin can be equally frustrating.

Magnetic name tags are much easier to manipulate. Simply align the magnets of the name tag and backing and they snap into place.

● Easy and convenient to swap out
Magnetic name tags are also easier and more convenient to swap out. When you need to remove a name tag or put on a new one there’s nothing you need to physically remove from the clothing or uniform. Simply remove and replace!

● No small parts that can break
Even high-quality pin fasteners are subject to stresses arising from misuse or incidental damage. Excessive force can twist, warp, or outright break the small, delicate parts that they contain.

Magnetic name tags have no such fragile parts and no moving parts at all. They are much more durable and long-lasting than even the toughest of pin fasteners since they have no parts that can break.

● They don’t put holes in uniforms
Pin fasteners offer a secure fit to a uniform, lanyard, or other pieces of clothing, but they put a small hole in it. Some delicate fabrics can tear easily and others will be left with unsightly holes. Magnetic fasteners affix to each other through the fabric without actually touching.

● Reusable name tags are cost-effective
High-quality reusable magnetic name tags are not only cost-effective in the sense that they are affordable up-front, but also because they can be used over and over again.

Unlike low-quality paper name badges and pin-fasteners that break or bend after a couple of uses, reusable magnetic name tags can be used for many years, eliminating waste associated with disposable name tags and saving businesses money in the process.

Where Can I Design My Own Reusable Magnetic Name Tags?
High-quality reusable magnetic name tags and badges are easily accessible at Imprint Plus ( They carry a wide variety of reusable name badges, including magnetic name badges, which are fully customizable in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and in full color.

You can even design your own magnetic name tags on their website, using their special design tools, or work with one of their customer representatives.

Get in touch with them through their website or at 800-563-2464 to learn more about how they can help you create fully-customized name tags.


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