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Enterprise vault has made its use to capture information across all the communication platforms. It smoothly migrates the information from on-premises to the cloud. There, it automatically defines the most relevant content to ensure compliance. Highly regulated worldwide businesses rely on this to ensure profound insights and actionable intelligence. The cost and efforts that are associated with monitoring electronic communications are greatly reduced with this.

Veritas NetBackup training will enable the users to manage their data backup. It will also provide them with a great experience in learning Enterprise Vault. Enterprise Vault is an enterprise information archive platform that is developed by Veritas Technologies. It is easy to set up access and manage information. 

Use of enterprise vault

Enterprise Vault can archive from various sources such as Microsoft Exchange, IBM Domino, SMTP, and Microsoft SharePoint. And also various other file systems such as Linux, Windows NTFS file systems, etc. They should have the ability to store multiple platforms such as NTFS, SMB, NetApp, etc.

Enterprise Vault is the industry’s most powerful and flexible, on-premise enterprise-achieving solution. It offers the customers a central archive platform that can optimize storage-enabled retention along with defensible deletion. Besides this, it offers the users improved search and e-discovery needs across exchange and the SharePoint platform.


Working of Enterprise Vault

Enterprise Vault organizes the archives in entities known as vault stores. Each vault store can hold several archives in many forms. If by chance, a vault store has been used to achieve mail from mailboxes, archives can be created as needed. An enterprise vault holds the ability to create archives automatically when it enables mailboxes.

Core Enterprise Vault components include the following:

  • The Enterprise Vault server component consists of services and tasks for main archiving, indexing, storing, as well as restoring functions.
  • Active Server Page web access components that enable the users to access their items in archives.
  • The Enterprise Vault administration console for configuring and managing tasks, services, indexes, along archives.


Veritas NetBackup training will enable the users to have good knowledge about Veritas as well as Enterprise Vault. Additionally, this will enable the users to archive data and files from various sources.


Type of data enterprise vault can archive

Enterprise Vault can easily help the organization store messaging and file system data automatically in archives. The archives are held down by the center.

Enterprise Vault can easily archive the following data:

  • Items present in Microsoft exchange user’s mailboxes, Microsoft exchange journal mailboxes.
  • The items present in Domino mail file, Microsoft exchange public folder content, Domino journal databases can easily be archived by the enterprise vault.
  • Instant messages, files held on network file servers, SMTP messages from other messaging services, and so on.


Veritas NetBackup training will help you boost your career by enhancing your skills. You will learn the types of data an enterprise vault can archive and the core components of enterprise vaults.

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