As the national representative of Gangnam entertainment venues, it is highly rated in Gangnam District, the entertainment destination in South Korea. Renovated pool hall, shirt hall, leggings hall etc in Gangnam. However, the chamber hall is a full-sized hall for luxury business and is staffed by members.

The Gangnam Shirt Room is a cozy and comfortable place for a drink, but is visited by many to close important deals.

To be successful in business, Gangnam Shirt Room always strives to provide the best service, nice and comfortable atmosphere.

Gangnam shirt chamber system

The 강남 셔츠룸System is a full-fledged room system and is legally licensed as a premium entertainment center. It has been selected and operated in a unique way as a first-class leisure facility and not as a business variety (full lounge, shoe room, shirt room).

Gangnam Room does not offer these innovative services. The store manager is young and of good quality because it’s a real peace.

If you want more free services, you can find rooms with tights, shirts, pools and more. If you are interested, please click the menu at the top of this page.

The private lounge in the business room is traditional and formal, allowing you to have high-level conversations with your manager and create a natural drinking party without spending any money.

  • Gangnam Shirt Room clothing original room
  • We have a service that you can come to anytime!
  • Reservations are available on the administrator’s website.
  • You need to know how to read before you can enjoy it. How am I supposed to play?

Store with Premium VIP services

Thank you for visiting the Shirt Room, Tights Room and Bikini Room System website. Yok Sam Dong Mission (formerly King Yok Sam) reports that the facilities and services in the Gangnam area are top notch.

The business club offering the best service and the best options in Gangnam. Best you & Me (Room with leggings YOU & ME) 20th floor, the largest possible entrance.

Top 10% of Gangnam Waiters by Appearance

Gangnam Karaoke Shirt Room Episode 6 “Cool Time” will start now. It is a large business room with 50 rooms and 100 people. We have places for Prince and King Samseong-dong.

Gangnam Room Choose a new concept that you won’t find anywhere

The Magic Mirror Room is a real club restaurant that you can use whenever you want, even if you come alone. If you come alone, you can enjoy several meetings in a comfortable room. Group visits are possible as well as DJ services and karaoke equipment.

Always the best quality and service

It is number one in business rooms for customer authentication, offering the magic mirror selection service. We are responsible for every time with the best service, price and comfortable equipment.

A HOT PLACE appreciated by many customers!

Enjoy a special time together

Karaoke nightlife! Find the perfect karaoke for you.

We have gained the trust of our clients thanks to private events and group meetings that we planned and conducted based on our many years of experience.

The most fun and unforgettable moment of the party

Not Sam Don Elma and CL Great Pick! We will have fun with plenty of time and affordable prices. Everything is prepared for the perfect event, a bright moment in a unique place.

An extension after the reference period is also possible.

When you get off the subway, take the Hokusai station

Convenient transportation and convenient parking when driving a private vehicle

Our services

The benefits of membership in the “Bikini Gangnam Shirt Room” VIP Lounge continue.

Book Directly and Get More Benefits!

From Ignore Station on Line 2 to Samsung Station> Use the gate directly connected to Exit 8 and walk 10 minutes to Planet Square.


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