If there is something that the Punjabi film sector knows best, that is to make movies the Best Punjabi Comedy Movies. The Punjabi movie sector or the Pollywood recognizes finest how to make films that not just get the target market rolling on the flooring with laughter but additionally make certain a good time for the entire family. On a family flick evening, a day with a loved one or possibly to make the best of an event with good friends, Punjabi amusing films fit the scene. While it is tough to make a Punjabi amusing flick listing out of all the movies, this short article tries to take care of that. This article is an attempt at making Punjabi funny films listing by putting together an extensive movies rating over a long time. The movies in this article are assured to make you laugh out loud as well as give thanks to the skies for the true blessing that is a Best Punjabi Comedy Movies.

Best Punjabi Comedy Movies List

Continue Jatta (2012 )

The very first motion picture in this Punjabi Funny Movies List is the 2012 blockbuster struck cinema, Carry on Jatta. Starring a beautiful celebrity actors of people like Gippy Grewal, Mahie Gill, and Binnu Dhillon to name a few, Carry on Jatta is a complete fest of laughter as well as enjoyable. Its release go back to late July in the year 2012. The plot of continuing Jatta reveals the protagonist, Jass played by Gippy Grewal as falling head over heels for a lady in a pal’s marital relationship. The love rate of interest of Jass is played by the captivating Mahie Gill that simply effortlessly fills up the footwear of the character. Yet, that’s where the plot starts. The lady that Jass falls for has a condition. She will only marry or reciprocate the love of somebody who is as alone as her worldwide, an orphan, and somebody who doesn’t have a family members. A mixed bag of laughs and shocks, Carry on Jatta is a need to on this

Jatt And Juliet (2012 )

Next in this Punjabi Funny Movies checklist is one more 2012 hit, Jatt, as well as Juliet. A full-fledged charming comedy, Jatt, and also Juliet star the charming pairing of Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa with stars like Rana Ranbir and also Sari Mercer to keep them business. An excellent romantic funny, Jatt and Juliet got a lot of awards and accolades in addition to being a box office hit.

The film likewise came out with a follow up in 2013 which enjoyed the exact same quantity of success as well as fame. The discussion shipment, soundtracks, and storyline make it a must state movie on this Best Punjabi Comedy Movies List.

Fortunate Di Unlucky Story (2013 )

The next movie on this Punjabi Funny Movies List is the movie Lucky Di Unlucky tale from the year 2013. With a cast of fan-favourite Gippy Grewal, Surveen Chawla, Jaswinder Bhalla, and many more, Lucky Di Unlucky Story is one of the best Punjabi funnies films ever before made. The story of this movie follows a cheerful bachelor on a holiday with his precious pals. The bachelor, fortunate played by Gippy Grewal and also his buddies falls under problem there when a murder happens and in some way they are the prime suspects in that. This opens up a chest of comic events which ultimately cause a delighted ending. The motivation for this movie was a mainstream Tamil motion picture.

Nightclub Singh (2014 )

An Anurag Singh as well as Rajiee M Shinde directorial, Disco Singh continues this Best Punjabi Comedy Movies 2014. With Diljit Dosanjh as well as Surveen Chawla as the lead pairing, this 2014 hit is a full hit funny flick. The tale complies with the life of a having a hard time singer Lattuprasad, the owner of a down-and-out orchestra called Disco Singh. While the band plays in marriages and functions, Lattuprasad’s mind plays the strings of the gorgeous supermodel, Sweety. The story is filled with comic hijinks and also is assured to be a complete blast for the family.

Yaar Anmulle (2011 )

The 2011 movie starring Arya Babbar, Yuvraj Hans, Harish Verma, and also a lot more are next on this Punjabi Funny Movie List. The plotline is of 3 pals Guri, Deep, as well as Sher Singh who are maximizing hostel life. As love creeps right into the lives of the 3 friends, so does difficulty. Loaded with comic incidents and silly antics, Yaar Anmulle is a must-worthy reference in this Punjabi Comedy Movie List. Among the best family films, Yaar Anmulle deserves a watch.

Jatt and Juliet 2 (2013 )

Coming next on this Punjabi Funny Movie List is the sequel to the 2012 movie Jatt and Juliet. Jatt and also Juliet 2 is a complete pleasure to view and also has the celebrity cast of Diljit Dosanjh, Neeru Bajwa, Rana Ranbir to name a few. Directed by Anurag Singh, this 2013 breakout hit is not just a fan preferred however likewise a doubter’s delight. Jatt and Juliet 2 is an outright worthy mention in this Punjabi Comedy Movie List.

Mr. and Mrs. 420 (2014 )

This 2014 funny smash hit, Mr. and Mrs. 420 is the following one on this Punjabi Funny Movie List. With a stellar celebrity cast that consisted of Yuvraj Hans, Jassi Gill, and likewise the captivating Babbal Rai, Mr. and Mrs. 420 is an outright blast. As well as a guaranteed fun time for the whole household.

Ishq Brandy (2014 )

This Punjabi comedy film is directed by Amit Prasher. The 2014 release, Ishq Brandy handles the tale of 3 buddies and their brandy-crazed journeys. An actually enjoyable watch for the weekend, Ishq Brandy has the actors of Rupinder Inderjit, Roshan Prince, Binnu Dhillon, as well as much more. A perfect addition to this Best Punjabi Comedy Movies 2014.

Control Bhaji Control (2014 )

The story of this movie is centred on 2 people, Dicky and also Vicky that will most likely to any kind of lengths for their journeys and also incidents. On top of that, their continuous effort to deceive their father for attention makes the motion picture a lot more fascinating to view. Moreover, the cast of Karan Kundra, Sangram Singh, Nachattar Gill, and also much more makes it a worth viewing film. Directed by Gaurav Singh, Control Bhaji Control is a worthwhile enhancement to the Punjabi amusing motion pictures List.

Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo (2014 )

This 2014 enchanting funny movie is centered around the love between 2 individuals from various countries and also entirely different cultures. What adheres to following is extremely enjoyable and also fun to view. Directed by Pankaj Batra, this flick is an enjoyment time for the entire household. Starring Amrinder Gill, Yograj Singh, Amrit Magher, Binnu Dhillon, and also extra, this motion picture is the next on the Best Punjabi Comedy Movies 2014.

Oh My Pyo (2014 )

The charming comedy movie oh My Pyo launched in 2014. Directed by Niharika Sahni, this is thought about one of the most effective Punjabi Comedy Movies ever made. The star actors of Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla, Sardar Sohi, Babbal Rai, and also much more made the film utterly unforgettable and also comic. The journey of the personalities is actually funny and also will make you laugh.

Paisa Yaar N Panga (2014 )

This 2014 Virender Singh directorial follows the adventure of 3 pals. The 3 close friends take place crazy routes that wind up with them needing to accommodate a brand-new character. Starring actors like Gavie Chahal, Mukul Dev, Veer Vashisht, Khushboo Grewal, and also many more, this is ensured fun for the whole family members. Paisa Yaar N Panga is the next on the Best Punjabi Comedy Movies 2014.

Yaaran Da Katchup (2014 )

Starring Hardy Sandhu, Yuvika Chaudhury, Rana Ranbir, and a lot more, Yaaran Da Katchup is a good funny filmy4wap. Shot in the breathtaking charm of Thailand, Yaaran Da Katchup reveals the story of three buddies and also their friendship. The soundtracks behave along with the plotline. The flick launched in 2014.


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