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In 1935, American surgeon Allen Whipple performed pancreaticoduodenectomy as a treatment for peri-ampullary cancer. The pancreaticoduodenectomy became the procedure of choice for patients with pancreatic head, ampulla, distal bile duct, and duodenal cancer. The Whipple technique has become a standard treatment for benign and malignant pancreatic neoplasms, peri-ampullary carcinomas, and cholangiocarcinoma in recent years.

What is the Whipple Surgery Procedure?


The head of the pancreas (the lower end of the stomach), duodenum, common bile duct, and lymph nodes surrounding the gall bladder are removed during the Whipple surgery. The remainder of the stomach is connected to the pancreas, which is subsequently reattached to the small intestines.

This procedure is required for some pancreatic patients. As a result of the high quality and low Whipple surgery cost in India, life can be extended by at least 5 years. Whipple surgery is a potential treatment for the disease. 

Before the Whipple Surgery Procedure


Ensure that the medical staff is aware of critical details before the surgery, such as:

  1. Discuss any sensitivities or adverse reactions you’ve had to drugs, latex, anesthesia, or other medical procedures with your medical team before the day of surgery. In addition, tell the team about any supplements, vitamins, or over-the-counter medications you’re using. Before your surgery, talk to your doctor about when you should stop consuming food or drinking beverages. 


  1. You should arrive at the surgical center at least two hours before your scheduled procedure time on the date of the surgery. It will allow you to complete filling any essential documents.


  1. After that, you’ll have to change into a surgical gown, and an intravenous line ( IV) will be put into a vein in your arm, allowing the team to give medication readily.


  1. You will be given medication to help you relax, and in many cases, an epidural or spinal injection may be administered to block nerve signals to the abdomen wall. It will lessen the discomfort you feel after the treatment.


During the Whipple Procedure


  1. During your Whipple operation, a surgical team will collaborate to complete the procedure. Pancreatic surgeons, anaesthesiologists, and surgical nurses will be part of the team


  1. Depending on the type of surgery you’re having; the treatment can take anywhere from four to twelve hours. First, the surgeon will create an incision in the belly to access the internal organs.


  1. The size and placement of your incision will be determined by your specific situation and the sort of surgery you’re undergoing.


  1. The head of the pancreatic, the duodenum, the bile duct, and the gallbladder will be removed once the surgeons have accessed the organs. In addition, a piece of the surrounding lymph nodes and stomach may also be removed in some circumstances.


  1. Following the removal of all essential tissue, the surgeon will reconnect the pancreas, intestines, and stomach so that your body can digest food regularly.


After the Whipple Procedure


  1. You will be admitted to the surgical unit after the Whipple procedure to recover. Your medical team will keep a close eye on you for any signs of complications or discomfort.


  1. They will gradually increase your diet to boost your food tolerance. Shortly after waking up, you should begin standing and walking. It can help you recover from anesthesia faster by ensuring good circulation and breathing. 


  1. Most patients are admitted to the hospital for a week before being discharged from their homes.


  1. Patients in their old age or those with serious health problems may need to spend some time at a rehabilitation center before returning home. After returning home, you should be able to resume your typical activities in about six weeks.


Whipple Surgery Costs in India


Several factors influence Whipple Surgery cost in India, including your medical condition, the surgeon’s experience, and the sort of facility you choose. The estimated cost of Whipple surgery in India for pancreatic cancer patients varies from INR 5,00,000/- to INR 12,00,000/ depending on the type of treatment and other parameters.


Whipple Surgery Cost in India, International Patients


Many hospitals in India provide high-quality and low-cost Whipple surgery. When compared to countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom, the Whipple surgery cost in India is very low. Even when you factor in the costs of travel, hospitalization, surgery, medicine, transportation, and other expenses, the total Whipple surgery cost in India is considerably lower. For example, the average Whipple Surgery cost in India is $7800, but it costs $100,000 in the United States and the United Kingdom.



Most pancreatic neoplasms and malignant lesions in the peri-ampullary region of the duodenum require the Whipple procedure, commonly known as a pancreaticoduodenectomy. Hepatobiliary surgeons execute the Whipple procedure, and the technique can extend the life and may even be a cure for patients suffering the condition. The low Whipple surgery cost in India is one of the primary motivations for international patients to travel to Indian institutions for the procedure.

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