I heard Swedish order, what do you mean? Is it a kind of Swedish birth sequence? Do you want an advantage and do you know which method to use? Experience these amazing healing techniques and how to adapt them to your body’s specific needs to relax your mind, body and soul.

Where did it come from?

The Swedish sequence is not created by Sweden or created by Sweden. Of course, there is no such thing as “Swedish heritage” in Sweden. Instead, the sequence is called a “classic sequence”. IN USA. However, the terms “classical massage” and “스웨디시 massage” are rarely used as “classical”, and this is the most common massage technique.

According to Massagemag.com, “Johann Georg Metzger (1838-1909) was the most famous Dutch scientist (with doctors like Emil Crane and Richard Hale who taught the basics of massage and gym). Technique. Relation to massage or Swedish mental rehabilitation. System, i.e. Swedish sequence. Can write the length of the Swedish gymnastics system, the author used French words instead of Mezgar.It is pronounced. It is French. It is the word.

What is the Swedish order?

This is achieved by massaging the muscles and making long strokes to let the blood flow back to the heart. But Swedish massage medicine is more than just relaxation. Swedish massage is very effective in increasing blood oxygen levels, reducing muscle toxicity, improving blood circulation and flexibility and relieving stress.

What does massage therapy look like?

The session lasts 40-90 minutes. Your sequence begins with a brief discussion and summary of your symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle. When the rescuer left the room and lost himself under a chair on the floor massage table, he was asked to undress (he was wearing a lot of underwear).

Basic principles:

The Swedish massage sequence begins with percussion, followed by percussion, rubbing, vibration, percussion, repeated shocks and burning movements. It is important to keep the surveyor’s back straight, as you usually do in a massage chair. This procedure begins with massaging the legs and feet, then the hands and arms, the abdomen and chest, and finally the back. Techniques: long strokes, percussion, friction, percussion, percussion, vibration, outflow, vibration. The most common methods are: A study from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine published in the New York Times showed that therapists who received a 45-minute Swedish massage had lower levels of the stress hormones cortical and argentine vasopressin-α. The number of swimmers has also increased



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