Everyone likes, if only for a few moments, to forget about all their problems and disconnect from the world around them. After hard weeks, everyone deserves a good rest, relax and enjoy a break that will make you feel like new.

But first, we suggest a previous trip so that you know the benefits of the massage and make the most of your visit. What are its main advantages?

1. Stress relief

Surely, it is one of the main reasons that lead us to get massages: stress. After a complicated week, a lot of nerves at work, after going through difficult situations… all we want are to relax and unwind. And with a good massage, we are likely to get it. In addition, not only will we eliminate emotional stress, but physical stress will also go away, apart from controlling other factors such as anxiety and depression.

2. Relaxation of the muscles

Another reason for going to a 안마center, a spa or undergoing a specific treatment is because our muscles are too contracted. Who has not heard of the famous contractures? Well, precisely, one of the benefits of massages is that they eliminate muscle pain and, consequently, improve mobility and flexibility.

3. Muscle toning

Massages, apart from relaxing muscles, improving mobility and flexibility, tone them because, according to the Korean Thalassic therapy Society (SET), they keep them nourished and with a good blood supply. In addition, they prevent injuries, a good remedy for those who frequently play sports.

4. Psychological incidence

We have already introduced it before, but another of the benefits of massages is that they can influence your emotional state. Among others, and also according to the Korean Thalassic therapy Society, they clear the mind, improve self-esteem and help with depression, by balancing neurotransmitters and brain chemistry.

5. Detoxification and rejuvenation

The Korean Society of Thalassic therapy explains several more benefits of massages. One of them is that they detoxify the body, since they improve blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. In parallel, they can slow down body aging because, by nourishing and detoxifying every cell in your body, you rejuvenate yourself.

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