Nephrology can be considered to be the knowledge about the functioning of kidneys and the treatments available for it or diseases that are associated with it. Kidneys are mandatory for filtering the wastes out and excess water from the body, as we all have studied in your classrooms.

Why Is Kidney Transplant Beneficial?

A kidney transplant is all the way more feasible, convenient and safer in comparison with dialysis. Furthermore, it helps in achieving and restoring 50% of the renal function when it comes to a transplant, whereas dialysis achieves from 10-20%. Not to forget, a kidney transplant extends a healthy and improved life with a faster recovery rate.


Patients who have dealt with a kidney transplant feel more enthusiastic, lively and energetic. They also tend to resume their regular activities more early and effectively. The inconvenience and pain related to a dialysis process are not present with the transplant and hence is more convenient for the patients in the long run.


The Best Kidney Transplant Surgeon In India


Dr. Waheed Zaman from Max Super Specialty Hospital is considered to be one of the top kidney transplant surgeons in India. Dr Waheed Zaman has considerable and significant experience in operating on sufferers with stones and cancer state of the bladder. He is appraised as a highly versed and proficient surgeon and an appreciable giver when it comes to urologic treatments.


He has an approximate experience of around 25 years, noted to be practiced and adept. Furthermore, he is skilled in managing treatments of live renal transplantation. He aims to provide comprehensive treatment for all kidney-related complications and disorders that are not just limited to the main organ itself. He makes use of advanced and effective facilities and aims at high patient satisfaction.


When people visit the internet, they’ll find several top kidney transplant surgeons in India but as far as experience and competence are considered, Dr Waheed Zaman is accepted to be the best. He is also personally responsible for guiding and mentoring practised Urologic Surgeons.


Why Max Hospital For Kidney Transplant?


Doctors at Max hospital have attested and certified abilities and strength when it comes to handling emergency urological cases. Max Hospital has given room to around 2500+ skilled and experienced doctors in the world, who are at their topmost positions in their specific fields.


They are noted for following the path of innovation and making use of high quality and advanced medical equipment. They also offer all-inclusive solutions for urological and nephrological situations for both adults as well as children. The hospital concentrates on the areas related to urology, dialysis, and kidney transplantation.


The Nephrology Department at Max Healthcare specializes in assisting patients in maintaining and balancing their kidneys’ condition, making use of numerous non-invasive interventions.




Dr Waheed Zaman, one of the top kidney transplant surgeons in India, has intensive knowledge in steering renal transplantation with 1200+ successful transplants. Max Healthcare’s surgeons work to ensure that the patients’ kidney improves and gets better. Experienced and competent medical professionals like kidney transplant specialists, nephrologists, and urologists are the hospital’s main highlights.

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