4 Tips for Cleaning Refrigerator

Fridge maintenance: how to ensure optimal hygiene?

The refrigerator guarantees the preservation of food. To prevent the development of potentially dangerous microorganisms for your health and that of your family, this appliance requires regular maintenance. Here are some tips for cleaning your fridge, effectively eliminating germs, and guaranteeing perfect hygiene.

The risks of a poorly maintained refrigerator for your health

The role of the refrigerator is simple: maintain a temperature low enough to limit the multiplication of microorganisms on food. Most of these germs are harmless and their presence is normal, but there are also pathogenic microorganisms that cause poisoning and illness (salmonella, staphylococci, listeria). To proliferate, they need water, food, and sufficient temperature. A poorly maintained, insufficiently cold, or poorly organized fridge is a fertile ground for their development. Your food can mold faster and you risk getting sick.

Clean the refrigerator regularly and organize it well

By removing stains and traces of liquid regularly, you will effectively reduce the development of germs in your fridge. Soapy water will do. Check the condition of your food and quickly prepare or dispose of any that deteriorate to avoid contamination. To limit soiling, store your food in the right place, in well-sealed containers. Do not hesitate to put a memo on the door, intended for the whole family, to remind you of the good gestures and limit the appearance of mold.

Thoroughly sanitize your fridge

Monthly maintenance of the fridge keeps it clean and reduces the proliferation of germs. Remove the various elements (tray, shelves) for separate washing. Wash the appliance from top to bottom then finish with the door. Apply with a sponge a mixture of half warm water, half alcohol vinegar, or just warm soapy water. Rinse with clear water and dry with a cloth.

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Once a year, it is necessary to defrost your fridge to disinfect it. Plan the right moment: when the fridge is almost empty. Unplug it, put a mop in front of the door and wait for the frost on the back wall to disappear, then use a microfiber with a mixture of half warm water, half alcohol vinegar, or warm soapy water. Also, rub with a toothbrush the door seals as well as the water drain nozzle at the bottom of the fridge. Rinse and dry. Don’t forget the exterior of the device, especially the handle.

Maintain your fridge without chemicals

To do without detergents, even natural ones, there is steam cleaning, ideal for a powerful and ecological wash. Handheld cleaners really make the chore of cleaning the refrigerator simple. The profile of the spray nozzle and all the accessories facilitate access to all corners to eliminate all microorganisms using heat.

Be careful not to take any risks when maintaining the fridge

Finally, here are 3 valuable recommendations for this cleaning. When maintaining your refrigerator, you should never:

  • Apply bleach, too aggressive for the device and especially for your lungs
  • Use de-icing sprays, some of whose ingredients, such as bronopol, are considered risky.
  • Remove the ice with a knife or hairdryer.

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