Use White Vinegar for Ecological Household

White vinegar is one of the most formidable solutions for cleaning your house. It will become your main ally to make your home clean effortlessly and in an eco-friendly way. We present to you the various advantages of this product that has been used for years.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of White Vinegar

White vinegar is known to be inexpensive and very effective. It can be used on many surfaces and shows itself at the same time:

  • Disinfectant
  • Anti-limescale
  • Anti odors
  • Stain remover

It can completely replace chemical products and does not leave traces after use. Using this product is part of an environmentally friendly approach since it does not pollute and leaves no residue after use.

White vinegar can be used on all surfaces. Tiles, windows, hobs, toys will be. Cleaned in the blink of an eye. Hot white vinegar will be even more degreasing than cold. For example, you can heat it mixed with water in your kettle to descale it. However, remember to rinse it several times before any new use to eliminate the unpleasant taste.

White vinegar is ideal for cleaning your refrigerator and eliminating bad smells. You can also spray it in your garbage can, your toilet, or on fabrics to remove any unpleasant smell.

Combine white vinegar with other natural solutions for more efficiency

By combining white vinegar with baking soda and black soap, you get a very effective dishwashing liquid.

You can also combine it with about ten drops of essential oils such as:

  • The lavender essential oil which has antiseptic properties
  • The lemon essential oil which is very antibacterial
  • Thyme essential oil with anti-infective or antimicrobial power

You will be able to clean your toilets, work surfaces or simply remove bad odors on fabrics after vacuuming for example.

You can simply use a mixture of essential oil, hot water, and white vinegar to clean your floors and leave a sweet scent after vacuuming.

Do not mix this product with bleach

Vinegar can be combined with black soap or baking soda, but it is not recommended to mix it with bleach. This could irritate the eyes and the respiratory tract since the product obtained causes a very irritating gas.

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