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Winter is the favorite season of many. For those living in parts of the world where winter does not exist, many people dream of seeing and experiencing snow. This season is like another chapter of the world; one that feels and looks enchanting and magical. It’s mostly fun and exciting to build a snowman, make a snow angel, play snowball fights, wear winter outfits and take loads of photos to remember the wonderful time. 

On the side of reality though, winter presents some challenges to roads, establishments, properties and houses. Of course, snow and ice, when piled up after continuous snowing, can cause hassles and even harm to lands and to people. They must be managed and controlled. 

While owners of huge buildings and public estates may have prepared measures, equipment and machines to keep them safe, residential homes might not be very prepared and equipped. That’s why many of them get badly affected by the elements that arise during winter.  

Not to mention, roofs are the number one casualty. They get damaged and wrecked, which leads to headaches and dangers to homeowners. You and your adobe need to be ready even before winter comes. Check out these 6 ways to maintain your roof during winter.  

1 – Trim obstructing trees.

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Nothing can probably naturally reach high roofs better than tall trees. While it is very nice, refreshing and pleasant to have trees surrounding your abode, trees also bring a few issues to roofs. You do not even immediately notice it sometimes, but trees can become your roof’s worst enemy. Why?

Tree branches are the main culprit. Those that hang low, reaching and touching the surfaces of roofs, become pathways for debris that create roof problems. During winter, snow that falls and accumulates on trees makes the branches droop. The weight of gathered snow is no joke; it’s too heavy for branches and twigs to stay firm and still. The snow from trees could add to the snow that already exists on your roof, making it even bulkier and harder to clean up. Furthermore, those tree branches may fall on your roof and cause scratches and damages.

To give yourself peace of mind, trim obstructing trees before winter comes. Do not let any dangle and drop. No need to cut the tree; just eliminate the extra branches that become irritating and unsafe. 

2 – From time to time, check your gutter for snow buildup.

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Some people would choose to simply enjoy the chilly season inside their houses. They do not step outside to see what’s going on there. Especially when they think that the snow can be dangerous on roads, they prefer to be indoors. 


Nonetheless, homeowners like you must go outside to check your roof gutters for snow buildup. Do it from time to time. Inevitably, snow will be present and will mount up, but the important thing is you monitor the roof in case of overflow or unsound amount of snow and ice.  

3 – Remove snow and ice off the roof

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Whenever you check your roof and see issues, make sure to do what’s needed straightaway to prevent further troubles and stress. Notice the buildup? Remove snow and ice off your roof as soon as possible. Do not take this lightly, and do not underestimate the intensity of snowstorms. Eliminate snow from your roof while it’s not yet snowing hard. This is how you can fend off water leakage, ice dams and roof breakdown. 

4 – Eliminate other roof debris, like leaves and branches.

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We somehow mentioned this earlier, and this is indeed very crucial because many homeowners still overlook this duty. Eliminate other roof debris, like leaves, branches, small fruits, garbage and other elements brought by the wind or by animals. With these different sorts of debris alone, roof gutters may get clogged, and when that happens, your exterior and foundation can be busted because of water overflowing and flooding. Imagine how worse things could get if it’s winter and the debris is left uncleaned up there. Snow and ice might cover and hide the debris, making you fail to spot them.  

5 – Maintain proper roof ventilation and insulation.

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During winter, the roof experiences different changes caused by the shifts in weather and temperature. It’s not really a good thing because its material is affected, thus, its performance also is. 

To ensure the quality of your roof during this cold season, maintain proper roof ventilation and insulation. This is vital to keep temperatures controlled. Through that, you can manage your electric bills more practically. Moreover, your roof’s robust condition is preserved amidst all weather changes and effects. 

6 – Immediately contact your trusted roofers for roof issues. 

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To do all these tasks and actions to prepare your dear roof for the winter season, you will need the assistance of experts who know better than you. Immediately contact your trusted roofers for roof inspection and possible roof issues. Urgent roof repairs must be done quickly. Replace what needs replacement. These roof pros do not miss any roof problems and solutions, so make sure to give them a call. 



Snowstorms and continuous snowing can result in deterioration and gradual devastation of roofs. If your house is not primed and prepped, and if you are not informed and geared up to do what you have to do, you can definitely experience the setbacks and risks that the winter season brings. No matter how expensive and beautiful your roof may be, you will never know how heavy snow might reduce its quality. 

To condition your roof and to get yourself set, seek the help of an expert roofing company. Have it inspected, and let necessary roof repairs be done in no time! Do not wait for snow to fall before you move because those roofers might even have a hard time reaching your house and doing their job if snow piles are already blocking their way. 

Protect and maintain your roof to protect and guard your house and your home. 




Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Young & Co Roofing Manchester, an excellent roofing and cladding company in Greater Manchester. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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