Disposable Nitrile gloves is a kind of chemical synthetic material, which is bettered by acrylonitrile and butadiene through special processing and formula, and its air permeability and comfort are close to latex glove, without any skin mislike. Utmost disposable Nitrile gloves are greasepaint-free.

Disposable Nitrile gloves are a popular volition to latex gloves in numerous diligence. They’re a crucial motorist of growth in the artificial disposable glove request, the products can be extensively used in numerous fields similar as medical examination, first aid, nursing, dentistry, laboratory, food processing, and electronic artificial protection.

Use Range

Nitrile gloves are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Black, blue, white, and cobalt blue gloves are featured then, representing the automotive, tattoo shop, medical, and artificial operations, independently.

The chemical resistance, a result of the acrylonitrile monomer, is one of the most important features of nitrile gloves. Nitrile can repel mineral canvases, vegetable canvases, gasoline, diesel energy, and numerous acids. This is why these gloves are among the preferred In fact, the US Environmental Protection Agency recommends nitrile gloves as a hedge between bus technicians and maquillages and organic detergents. Extra strong disposable vinyl gloves offer practical protection for numerous operations. Rounded Cuff, Soft and Durable

Latex-Free, ideal for people with implicit latex responses, PVC, DOP, Free from latex proteins, The crucial concern is creating a hedge between wearers’ skin and pollutants, pathogens, or other dangerous accouterments.

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1. Excellent chemical resistance, help certain pH and give good chemical protection for sharp substances similar as detergents and petroleum.

2, good physical parcels, good resistance to tearing, perforation resistance, anti-friction parcels.

3 Comfortable style, according to the ergonomic design of the glove win machine bending fritters to make wearing comfortable and conducive to blood rotation.

4 No protein, amino composites, and other dangerous substances, veritably little mislike.

5, short declination time, easy to handle, conducive to environmental protection.

6 No silicon element, has certainanti-static performance, suitable for the electronic assiduity product requirements.

7 Low chemical remainders on the face, low ionic content, small flyspeck content, suitable for a strict clean room terrain.


Greasepaint Free

Product size, Small, Medium, Large-Large, 9″

 Packing Detail 100pcs/ box, boxes/ tinderbox

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