The Different Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Our comparison of these 4 models of pet vacuum cleaners will help you make the best choice.

1. The Pet Hair Eraser Upright, the ultra-efficient upright vacuum cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is a classic corded model. Its vertical position and its pivoting head allow it to sneak into all corners. But it is especially specially designed for homes where pets live.

The brush roller of the MULTIREACH ACTIVE PET 21V, with its anti-tangle design, allows to suck up the hairs without creating knots. The hairs are then taken care of thanks to the Cyclonic Pet-Hair Spooling system which rolls them up to facilitate the emptying of the waste container. Finally, the Smartseal Pet Odor Eliminator anti-allergen filter, designed with Febreze, purifies the air and removes unpleasant odors left behind by our faithful companions.

Its best asset? The Pet Turbo accessory helps to dislodge encrusted pet hair.

2. The most portable pet vacuum cleaner: The Pet Hair Eraser

The Pet Hair Eraser Hand Vacuum is a handheld cordless vacuum cleaner. With is 41 cm long, it corresponds to the dimensions of a table vacuum cleaner but is dedicated to the dirt left by pets.

Its 15 min autonomy is ideal for sucking up a few spilled kibbles, cleaning the seats of a car, or removing all the hair from the sofa. This model is equipped with different nozzles, including one specially designed to vacuum upholstery, and a brush surrounded by felt. The Pet Hair Eraser is above all a simple device to use and easy to empty thanks to its two-step filtration system.

Its main advantage? Its great portability, ideal for repairing the small daily damages of our animals in just a few minutes.

3. Go for a cordless vacuum cleaner with the Icon Pet 25V

The Icon Pet 25V is a cordless vacuum. Specially designed for pet owners. Both the functions of the device and its accessories meet these specific needs. Thus, the motorized brush of the device adopts an anti-tangle design to prevent pet hair from wrapping around each other. The Icon Pet is also equipped with the Smartseal anti-allergen filter. The hygienic emptying system keeps hair away and hands-free.

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Its a little extra? You can easily spot the slightest dirt thanks to the LED light that illuminates the floor at the nozzle.

4. Clean up all your pet messes with the Crosswave Pet Pro

The Crosswave Pet Pro is not just a vacuum cleaner but has 3 distinct functions since it vacuums washes, and dries. With this ultra-convenient 3-in-1 device, you can use Febreze Petformula Wash Solution, a multi-surface liquid that effectively eliminates pet odors.

What sets it apart from other models? A filter in the tank separates solid dirt, including hair, from dirty water to facilitate emptying.

4 models with different functions: make your choice!

Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one device or a small vacuum cleaner to clean up messes from a rambunctious dog, you won’t be looking for the same model. Whatever your pet or the size of your home, a special “Pet” vacuum cleaner meets your needs!

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