Have you ever wondered if you have to be a US citizen to win the lottery or if a non-citizen can collect the Powerball if they win it? We have the answers! You’ll be glad to know that participation in American lotteries is open to everyone. You do not have to be a US citizen to play Powerball online.

Americans may get a little upset when millions of dollars worth of lottery prizes are awarded to foreigners, but there are certainly enough prizes to go around. Consider the largest lottery draw in history, which took place in January 2016. The jackpot totaled an incredible $1.58 billion and was shared by three lucky players. In addition to that historic jackpot, there were many more winning players. In fact, one of our players here at Forttottenparks won a second division prize of $1 million. And he was not from the United States! (See his story below.) US Powerball winners may, in fact, be foreigners!

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Can a foreigner win the Powerball millions?

The $ 1.58 billion Powerball mania didn’t just affect the United States. The historic draw caused frenzy around the world and millions of non-US players also didn’t want to miss out on buying Powerball tickets, leading some Americans to call out “foreigners buy our Powerball tickets” on social media. Canadians, Australians and Europeans were buying tickets like crazy and ended up winning huge prizes. The worldwide attention meant that ticket sales were very high: a record 1.5 billion tickets were sold.

Can you play Powerball from another country and win it?

Yes of course! A resident of Baghdad, MM had been playing online lotteries for a short time when he purchased tickets for the Oregon Megabucks lottery. In an exciting draw that took place in August 2015, our Iraqi player won a $6.4 million jackpot without ever leaving his home in Iraq!

But there are more cases that prove that a foreigner can win millions from the Powerball! HV is a 73 year old retiree from El Salvador in Central America. He has many grandchildren and even three great-grandchildren, some of whom live in California. The soft-spoken man and his wife live on a small retirement and for many years have wanted to visit their great-grandchildren in the US Thanks to an incredible $1 million Powerball prize; HV finally got the money to make his dream come true reality.

  1. correctly guessed the five main numbers and took home the second prize: for a single number he was unable to share the $1.6 billion prize offered in the same draw.

What happens if a tourist wins the United States Powerball lottery?

The official 파워볼 사이트  states: “You do not have to be a US citizen or US resident to play Powerball. Players from places where Powerball tickets are not sold, either within or outside the United States, may purchase their tickets from a dealer licensed or authorized by the corresponding jurisdiction, if they meet the age of majority required by the state where it was purchased.

Lottery ticket courier services, of which Forttottenparks is the oldest and most prestigious, purchase official United States Powerball lottery tickets at authorized points of sale on behalf of customers, so this is a legal method to play the lottery from abroad. After buying the tickets, the couriers scan them and upload them to an online account, to which only the player has access. If the player wins a grand prize, they fly to the US to collect their prize in person. If you want more information about how foreigners can play the American Lottery, click on the link above.


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