The IAD hosts the third and last workshop on this subject that aims to improve the communication and dissemination of entities in the sector

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports will train fifteen professionals from the sports sector in the new technological tools that allow institutions, federations and entities or clubs to communicate and disseminate content online through social networks and 해외스포츠중계, with a workshop that will be held tomorrow, June 8, at the headquarters of the Andalusia Sports Institute (IAD) in Malaga.

The workshop that begins tomorrow

The third and last of the Comunica Deporte cycle organized by the IAD, aims to provide skills and competences in the area of ​​communication to the entities of the Andalusia sector. Attendees will learn, through a practical format, to communicate their activities through free online tools, in addition to understanding the value of image and visibility to attract publicity and sponsorship.

The third workshop entitled Teach what you do, given by Laura Torres Pérez, director of the Avance Deportivo communication group, addresses how to use technological tools to spread the image and events of entities on social networks.

The first part focuses on publicizing the operation and possibilities of disseminating content through mobile phones on the social networks Twitter and Facebook. The second will be dedicated to live video through Instagram, Periscope, YouTube and Facebook for the broadcast of sporting events.


The first workshop of the Comunica Deporte cycle addressed the preparation and dissemination of press releases, as well as the preparation of dossiers. In the second session, the students learned how to decide their online positioning, through the web or in blogs, and learned about the professional networks Linkedin and Google My Business.


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