Once you have established the spatio-temporal coordinates and the schedule, it is best to start selling tickets as soon as possible. And since sporting events rely heavily on sponsorship, having some tickets sold before even sending sponsorship requests is essential to show sponsors that your event has the potential to reach the target audience.

To start selling tickets, you’ll need an event website and a payment management system.

The easiest and cheapest way to do this is to use a web-based event management platform instead of building a full website from scratch. You can create a beautiful event website in minutes, customize all the event details and sell tickets paying the lowest commissions in the market. All this will be done through secure transactions and your funds will be immediately available. You will thus have the money necessary for the organization of the event.

Promotion of the event

On the marketing side, the event itself is the product you’re trying to sell to viewers. Since you’ve already set the dates, times, and location, and you’ve already confirmed the participating teams or players, your product is ready. When it comes to price, you have several options. You can create a prize for a single match during a competition/round, and special prizes that give access to an entire phase (round, semi-final, final). You can also create a ticket that grants access to all matches in the entire edition. Some platforms allow different types of tickets to be inserted into the same event. Thanks to the platform’s ticketing system, you can also sell event-related merchandise and thus generate a second source of income.

Regarding distribution, you can, by creating the event on an online event management platform, make tickets automatically available for purchase anywhere in the world. This will make distribution virtually limitless and one less thing to think about.

Finally, when it comes to promoting the event,

you get an advantage because it is a type of event considered to be of public interest. Your team should include someone with strong public relations skills and a well-written press release, to ensure that news about the event gets out in newspapers and 해외축구 중계사이트 publications. Good public relations will benefit from media coverage before and during the event. If the competition is broadcast live on a television channel, this will have a major impact on the success of future editions of the event and the chances of substantial sponsorship. Traditional promotional tools still work when it comes to a sporting event.

So buying advertising space on TV channels,

Radio and even outdoor (signage) is a good idea. If you work for a sports association or club and have a database of loyal fans, you can also send invitations by email. Additionally, the post can be embedded and viewable on any external website, so be sure to include it on your organization’s website as well. Above all, put in place a web marketing strategy, including a presence and campaigns on major social sites, news sites, sports sites and blogs.

Find sponsorship

Finding sponsors for your sporting event will be one of the most important and difficult tasks. To achieve this, you will need to present the budget (to understand how much money you need) and the marketing plan (which you developed in the previous step and which will show potential sponsors that your event has the potential to reach an audience similar to their target audience).



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