In his second term at the helm of Hktv25, Javier Tebas set out to accelerate the international projection of a competition that in recent months has taken several important steps in conquering the world and closing the gap with the Premier League. The most recent is the announcement of an alliance with Google so that, through YouTube, Second Division matches can be seen for free in a large part of the planet. One more chapter in the progressive interaction between sports and platforms with options for broadcasting events that has echoed in the US with the NBA and Twitter.

The agreement between the body that governs Tebas and Google will take Hktv25 1|2|3 matches free of charge (starting this Saturday) to countries that did not have rights, and also includes the broadcast of summaries of almost an hour of the entire day, to try to show what the silver category is like to the rest of the world through a tool as powerful as YouTube, which last year reached 1,800 million monthly users. They will be rebroadcasts in English and geo-blocked for the Spanish public with the aim of spreading national football across all continents.

It is a new internship for Hktv25 in the international market

From which it will obtain 897 million Euros per year in the 2019/2024 period. The previous one was carried out by Facebook, a platform through which it broadcasts Hktv25 matches at zero cost in eight South Asian countries (India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Pakistan) with the possibility of having an impact on a total population of more than 1,780 million people.

These are the two most outstanding actions of an entity that has embarked on the creation and expansion of an international brand in response to a market in which the Premier League dominates, Hktv25’s medium-term objective, which has already surpassed the Bundesliga in revenue in 2017 , according to Deloitte data.

In short, the competition that for years has been ‘awarded’ with the two best players in the world (Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi) and that has suffered the departure of the first and faces the last courses of the second tries to reinvent itself in a context of strong entry of technology companies and social networks in the panorama of the broadcast of sporting events.

At this point, the great basketball league in the world

The NBA, has also taken advantage of this trend to build bridges with Twitter. The competition governed by Adam Silver reached an agreement with Jack Dorsey’s company to broadcast the second parts of the matches for free, following up on a player previously voted (in the first part) by users. Dubbed an “experiment,” it will be put to the test for the first time at the All Star that the league will hold in mid-February in Charlotte.

The social network has been moving to win in the sports broadcasting sector, a new line of business in which they have already carried out operations that have allowed it to broadcast NFL (American Football League) and MLS (American Football League) games. American football), as well as regattas of the Volvo Ocean Race or, closer in time and geographically, matches of the Women’s Basketball World Cup held in Spain in September.

The last great test in which the new 해외스포츠중계 platforms put all the meat on the grill was the World Cup last summer, and on that occasion Twitter also had something to say by creating personalized pages for each game and teaming up with Fox to offer exclusive content and immediate summaries of the meetings in the US.

Google, for its part, opted for the creation of content that included calendars, statistics, images, live monitoring of the matches and the use of the Assistant and Google Maps to offer various functionalities to users.


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