When you think about the fitness part in your life, you come across so many physical sports. But have you ever thought about an excellent game like chess? You have no idea how this game can transform your life for sure. 

And of course, if you do not know how to play chess then relax. You can enrol yourself in online chess lessons for beginners and ensure that you become better version of you. Anyhow, chess is going to work on your mental health and work on your overall personality too. After all, mental exercise is one thing that you should not ignore. 

Works on your IQ

If you feel that your IQ is not good, it is never too late to work on it. In case you ever wish to boost your IQ, then you do have Chess to the rescue. Studies and researches have proven that, Chess enhances your overall brain activity and boosts your IQ rapidly. After all, you have no idea how chess can make sure that you improve your IQ. Once you learn chess, you would be sure that you work on your IQ too.

Grows intense problem-solving skills

Chess is all about fighting the overall opponent army and effectively finding a solution to defend yours and then simply win the war. It teaches or impart you the importance of strategy and how your powerful conspiracies could fetch you the massive sized win you have ever had. The point is simple, when you play chess, you have to make up so many plots and planning to ensure that you make decisions at the right time. Now, when you work on your decision-making part through chess, you become better at your decision making in your life too!

Enhanced level of creativity 

Every move in chess includes a lot of thought process. Every single move is a unique type of step and it needs a weird sense of creativity to stand apart from the rest. One four-year study had students from grades seven to nine play chess, make use of computers, or do other type of activities once a week for thirty-two weeks to see which activity nurtured the most growth in creative type of thinking.

You learn planning in real life 

Plan your moves or you are surely going to get screwed  and  it is all that you are going to take away from chess. Chess being a type of strategy game strengthens planning skills in that of teenagers as well as aid them deal with the challenges that real life has actually in store for them.

Works on your memory 

Chess provides a huge level of mental exercise to both the parts of your brain which aggravates overall thinking and memory. It is even said to improve concentration and concentration.  The point is there have been studies that showed students or people who never played chess before, experienced better memory power after started playing chess. So, wouldn’t you want to give your memory a boost with chess? 


To sum up, you should take up the best chess course for beginners and ensure that you learn this game and enhance your lifestyle in a productive manner. After all, by now, you already know the importance of chess!


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