What is it in alcohol that people love so much? What is it in alcohol that people get so addicted to it they need rehab to withdraw from it safely? There’s something in this drink that the world is crazy about, yet the world largely suffers due to alcoholism. 


Why do people love alcohol?

Alcohol gives you the “feel good” factor. It relaxes you. It increases GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid), which regulates the activity of the brain and enhances calmness. 


If alcohol is so good, why do we need rehab programs to go off it? 

Why does it produce withdrawal symptoms? 

Why do alcoholics destroy their health, family life, and professional status? 


According to Georgia drug rehab experts, alcohol, no matter how good it makes you feel initially, is an addictive substance that you can better do without. 


Why people should not love alcohol? 

Alcohol slows down your central nervous system, which regulates your muscles and senses. It affects the cerebellum part of your brain which is responsible for the balance. 


That’s why you go off balance after drinking. Your muscle movements slow down. You want to lie down and doze off after having too many drinks. Your inhibitions are lowered. You talk too much, feel over-confident, and are more likely to do or say things you wouldn’t do or say when sober. 


It’s a dangerous situation to be in when you are drunk and don’t know what you are doing or saying. 


Binge drinking can make you wobble on your feet and slow your reaction time tremendously. Somebody can easily punch you in the face. You won’t be quick enough to block the punch or even punch them back! It even becomes harder to see straight. It becomes dangerous to climb downstairs, to drive, and to even walk properly. 


It is a pitiful situation. Would you like to be seen in such a situation – wobbling down the stairs with slurred speech and groggy eyes? 


Time to call the alcohol addiction hotline now. 


I wish to come out of this situation

The non-alcoholics perceive this as a pitiful situation but ask an alcoholic who wishes to go sober. They can’t. Alcohol grips their brain neurons. Now, their brain wants alcohol regularly. 


Even if you wish to quit, you simply can’t stop having drinks and be happy. You would experience such intense cravings that it would be difficult to survive. Some of you might argue about having strong willpower. Yes, it works, but what about those alcohol withdrawal symptoms, which can be perilous at times? 


Vomiting, nausea, headaches, fever, increased heart rate, anxiety, depression, hallucinations, delirium tremens, and seizures are a few of the symptoms. The last three can be life-threatening. It’s also not a good idea to live in constant anxiety and depression. 


What’s the solution?

Search for “drug rehab near me” and enroll in a suitable rehabilitation program. That’s the safest and the surest way to go off alcohol for a lifetime. The programs are designed to restore your physical, mental, and spiritual health. All three together can help you live a sober and happy life. 

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