At a certain point in life, you may feel disconnected from your inner self and seek to find something to complete you. When you deepen your awareness, you start feeling at peace, supported, and guided. Below are some tools you can use to connect yourself:

Find Silence

The world we live in today is full of noise, demands, and information that need our attention and time. Finding silence will help you tune into your deeper self. Seeing a chance to get silent will help you tune into your deeper self. You can start by taking ten minutes every evening or morning to enjoy time in silence and be present. It is not a must to empty all thoughts running in your head. The idea is to notice the thoughts, release them, and return to your center.

Tarot Cards

Many people associate tarot cards with telling them negative aspects of their lives, like when they will die. Tarot card spiritual practice has been attached to so many misconceptions. However, people are afraid of uncertainty, possible tragedy, harm, or potential disappointment. Tarot is a spiritual practice that helps individuals center themselves in an aligned introspection. Tarot is an essential tool when building your intuitive capacity, practicing mindfulness, and increasing your trust in your more profound wisdom. Tarot card meanings and spreads are most efficient when seeking your life purpose for personal development and growth.

Check in with Yourself Regularly

It would be best if you made the routine of checking in with yourself regularly. Begin with asking simple questions like what are your feelings at the moment, and then remember to note down your response. Please pay attention to your body and what it is telling you. Notice if there is any fluttering in your belly or chest.

Focus on Your Breath

This tool can be used at any time and anywhere. It is an excellent way to connect deeper with yourself throughout the day. To focus on your breath, you put awareness into it. Follow this by inhaling and exhaling. Repeat the taking in of air slowly and releasing it as long as you need to.

Allow Yourself to Feel All the Feelings

In tough times, most people tend to push forward and cover up their feelings to suppress how they feel and hold things together. Doing this may result in one disconnecting from their inner self because all their emotions and feelings have a reason why they are there.

Allow yourself to experience the feelings and dare to endure uncomfortable and difficult fears and emotions.

Attempt Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is an excellent way to deepen your self-connection and reach your inner wisdom. Take a journal or a notebook and intrigue yourself with questions like, ” what you need to know today?” note down the answer. The trick is not putting much thought into what you are writing. Instead, let the pen flow through the page without guilt, judgment, or editing. Automatic writing is a fantastic tool when you feel stuck. The answers you need are usually within you, and you need to uncover them.

Have A Morning Routine

Create time every morning before you start your day to sit down and tune into yourself. As little as five minutes can be enough. Have a regular practice to spend time doing an activity that nourishes your soul.

You can go ahead and set an intention for that particular day. It can be to break out your journal, meditation, or even repeat positive affirmations. Choose what works for you depending on how much time you can spare, and make it your morning ritual to deepen your inner self-connection.

Be Conscious of Your Thoughts

In most circumstances, what you focus on will be your reality. Thus start being aware of your thoughts. Be keen when self-criticism or fear arises in you. Instead of judging these thoughts, decide to release them, or you can change them to a brand new perspective. With this, you will be able to manifest what you truly desire.


The above simple actions will help you deepen your connection to yourself. They will help you gain confidence, stay grounded, and live true to what you want.

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