The spinal cord is an essential part of the human body system. It is a sensitive part of the body that is prone to strains and injuries, which can be detrimental to the body if they are extreme. The spine maintains the balance of the body and keeps it upright. It also shelters and protects the central nervous system. If the spine is affected, chances are that other body parts are affected, as discussed herein.

The Respiratory System

A spinal cord injury can affect the abdominal, intercostal, or diaphragm muscles that will hinter breathing and coughing. Coughing is essential for the body because it helps clear lung secretions and bacteria. When left in the body, these bacteria could cause infections such as pneumonia. Therefore, the muscles needed for breathing and coughing must be in an excellent state to facilitate that.

A ventilator is used for breathing problems until the problem is solved. If the problem has caused more damage, it is used forever to help one breathe. A breathing tube is used with the ventilator to enable proper breathing in the affected persons.

A tracheostomy is used to get rid of lung secretions for the coughing issue. The tracheostomy is inserted in the windpipe to help one cough and suction the lungs. If you are not using the ventilator, you must cough and take deep breaths at intervals to keep the lungs healthy and protect them from infection. A plastic breathing device called an incentive spirometer can also help you breathe properly.

Low Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

The brain sends signals through the spinal column to maintain the body’s normal heart rate and blood pressure. When the spinal cord is injured, the signs may not get to it, resulting in a slower heart rate and low blood pressure.

Back Pains

When the spine is injured, back pains may be experienced. When the back is affected, daily tasks are affected, and more burden is created on the other parts of the body to compensate for the problem caused. Many people want to maintain a healthy life, but constant poor postures and sleeping on a non-supportive mattress causes acute pain, and one is likely to suffer from other spine problems.

The back is supported by the spine and helps maintain the proper functioning of the body. It is essential to invest in keeping a healthy back through exercise, avoid carrying anything overweight, eat well, and get enough sleep. You can restore the function of your back from specialists in your local area, such as a back and spine specialist in Phoenix.

Mental Health

It is not only your physical abilities affected by spinal cord injuries but also your mental health. The nervous system is part of the spinal cord system, so other issues may occur if it is severely affected. Some problems likely to be encountered include frequent headaches, migraines, hormonal imbalances, and dizziness, among others. This, in turn, leads to mood changes and difficulty in handling emotions and dealing with stressful situations. A healthy spine enables a healthy connection between the mind and the body, keeping your emotions under control and marinating a healthy mental state.

Bladder Control

A spinal injury may cause faults in messages between your bladder and the brain. When the spinal cord is functioning properly, the nerves in the bladder prepare the brain through the spinal cord so that the body is ready to urinate. When you are injured, the message may not go through, which makes your bladder lose control.

When this happens, a catheter is used to drain the patient’s bladder. The catheter is only used when the bladder is full, per your doctor’s analysis, and is taken out after emptying the bowel. Medication or surgery may be administered according to the rate of damage caused.

Skin Damage

The skin is the body’s largest organ that is significantly affected when one has a spinal injury. The brain’s nerves are affected so that they cannot protect the body from the dangers it is exposed to. Blood flow and oxygen may be strained from circulating in the body. The skin becomes prone to pressure or extreme heat, leading to a skin breakout. Proper cleaning, turning, and repositioning are therefore required.


All these, among many others, are the problems caused by spinal cord injury. This proves that spine health is of paramount importance in the body, so everyone should strive to enable that their spine is taken care of to ensure a healthy body.

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