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Our Public Figure ,Mr . Kamran Ahmad Tahir

Tips Wali Sarkar (Tahir)ATz



Our Goal , Teach everyone how to get

( روٹی کپڑا مکان) , Food , Cloth ,Shelter .

Tahir (Cafe , Clothes, Estate)


Marketing Expert




TipsWaliSarkar.com 2020

مشورے والی سرکار ۔

Zarajee.com 2021(کپڑا)

KarachiPlots.com 2022 (مکان)

This year Goal Tahir Cafe & Food Court 2023 (روٹی)

Other services

Design Studio,(Logo,Card,Sign Board,SMO) and Software House Oops.pk

Filer , NTN Registration, Trademark ™️ etc.

Small Scale Manufacturing Training and Tools & Tips .

(Cottage Industry & How to Process Raw Material etc )

How to sell your Product .

How to handle Profits .