The power of the images alone is enormous. Add to that the power of words when these images are translated for you personally. This is a particularly clear way to gain clarity for your current life situation. This important part of card reading helps you to make decisions that are now pending or to receive confirmation.

I am now offering the day pass over the phone, free of charge.

This Clarity for Your Day card is a good place to start. If it helps you, I’m happy. If you want to know more about yourself and your path afterwards, we simply make an appointment. Then we look for the connections and patterns that shape your life. We look for the full picture of you, past and present, to help you better understand yourself and your actions.

You want to go one step further?

Then let’s take a look into your future. Everything is visible that is in your Soul purpose and in your heart for your life. The important thing is that you as a human being decide with your free will which possible path you take. The goal is often visible. You make your own way there. I would be happy to help you to check your steps from time to time or to outline the possible paths.

What is the difference between Tarot and Channeling (Medium)?

If something is communicated to a medium, i.e. channeled, it can be general knowledge or knowledge that is then spread about this person. What is important here is that this knowledge can be very subjective, and especially when it is passed on under the aspect “Teacher, I know something…” To put it bluntly, it is the ego that also likes to get in the way of channel media. We’re all just human…

Channeling only for you personally, on the other hand, means opening up the knowledge and feeling of your soul and putting it into words for you. You open your soul with your decision as far as you want. And I can then translate these perceptions. With channeling one can certainly recognize connections from present, past and future.

The tarot cards and angel cards are excellent for seeing your life in the here and now.

Map by map means illuminating your path step by step. We cannot always work on the big picture or turn everything upside down at the same time. With the many demands that every day brings, a signpost is already worth a lot.

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