Hi there if you have a small website and you’re not able to get your website approved for adsense for any reason, than i have a quick solution for you (Which i am using myself) .

You can sell your own product or sell products of other people and get a commission on it ,( It’s called Affiliate program or Affiliate Marketing) you will get commission based on your product, starting from few dollars to hundreds of dollars per sale .

(Template Layout of an Ecommerce Website )

If you don’t have a website get a WordPress website from my favorite Hosting company, they will even help you in development seo and designing if you want to save time and get a head start in earning online .

You can use my affiliate link , https://my.rackco.com/?affid=91 and get a free domain if you buy 1 year Cpanel shared hosting for 59$ for the first year .

Keep following me on this website and YouTube. I will post more tips related to this in coming days .

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