Are you thinking of making your own website? Beginning a site can be a startling idea . Relax, you’re in a good spot. Having helped over multiple individuals make a site with WordPress, we will guide you the best way to a make a site without figuring out how to code.

You’ll require three things to begin your WordPress site.

Domain name – this is the name of your site, for example,

Hosting server – this is a kind of super computer where your WordPress software and files will be and it wil run 24/7 .

55 minutes of your full focus.


In this guide, we’ll tell you the best way to construct a site for under $100.


There are numerous web designers accessible that will help you build a site. We suggest utilizing self-facilitated WordPress as your CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SOFTWARE.

WordPress is the most famous CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SOFTWARE on the planet. It controls almost 51% of all sites on the web.

WordPress is free, open source, and accompanies a huge number of pre-constructed web architectures and expansions. It is amazingly adaptable and works with pretty much every type of website you can think of.

We use WordPress to assemble every one of our sites including this one www

This is a bit by bit instructional exercise on the most proficient method to make a wesbite. We have partitioned it into various advances, and we’ll walk you through everything beginning to end. Simply track with the guidelines, and you’ll have an expert glancing site eventually.

Have a good time making your site.

We should begin.

Stage 1. Hosting

For most clients, a self-facilitated site is the ideal deal. It accompanies a large number of designs and addon’s which permit you to make any sort of site you can consider.

You need a fast and reliable server to host your WordPress database , We affiliate with Rackco they are reliable and have fastest Servers in the world because they are cloud based .


Step 2. Choose a Domain name

With Rackco you get a free domain name if you buy the one year plan , choose a name that is easy to remember , you can even transfer an existing domain name to Rackco , I don’t trust other hosting company to even search for my domain name because once I searched and when i finally made my mind to buy that domain the Hosting company had already purchased that domain and was selling on a premium .

Step 3. Install WordPress

Rackco have a one click WordPress installation from Cpanel and if you feel stuck anywhere they will even install that for you .

Step 4. Customize your theme and install plugins

When you open WordPress dashboard you can customize theme and add plugins

Step 5 .Pages

Add pages like Contact Us , About , Privacy policy,

Final step. Post

Now you can add post to your WordPress , write articles about your favorite topics or something you think your audience will love .

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