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According to the best orthopaedic hospital in Mumbai, strong bones protect organs, store calcium, anchor muscles, and provide structure. When you are a teenager or young adult, your bones are much more substantial.  After about age twenty, you lose bones quicker than your body adds bones. Strong bones are formed in your childhood, but there are ways to keep your bones healthy in your adulthood too.

Why Is Your Bone Health Vital?

The bones in your body are constantly transforming. New bones replace the old bones. Your bone mass maximizes as you are younger. However, you lose your bone mass faster than you gain, probably around age 30. Osteoporosis is a bone condition that causes your bones to become brittle and weak. It is dependent on the amount of bone mass you have after age thirty to develop. Along with that, how quickly you lose that bone mass after the age of thirty also has to be considered to develop Osteoporosis. The more bone mass you have in reserve, the less likely it is for your body to develop this disease as you grow old.

The Elements that have an Impact on your Bone Health


Those who smoke tend to lose bone mass quicker than others. So, smokers are prone to have their bones fractured often. According to research, the people who use tobacco have low bone density. The best orthopaedic hospital in Mumbai has also warned that smoking causes the production of stress hormone or cortisol which also weakens your bones.

Consuming Too Much Salt

As per studies, high sodium consumption releases a high amount of calcium into your body. There is a direct connection between low bone density and sodium consumption. If women take even one gram of extra salt than their regular intake value, they can lose one percent of the bone density. That is why you must not take too much salt than the regular intake value.

Getting Too Little Exercise

To have strong bones, you need proper exercise to have the muscle strength and allow your body the full range of motion. According to researchers, if you don’t exercise, you lose bone mass quicker than you gain it. Moreover, the tendons and muscles are prone to become weak as it limits the range of motion of the bone to the joint.

Excessive Alcohol Drinking

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause bone weakening. It produces stress hormones or cortisol in your body that weakens your bones. Besides, researchers have shown that alcohol consumption decreases testosterone and estrogen levels in your body, weakening your bones.


As females have less bone tissue than males, they risk getting Osteoporosis and other bone-related issues. 

Low Amount of Calcium in your Diet

If you have a low amount of calcium in your daily diet, you have a growing risk of getting fractures, reduced bone density, and bone loss at an early age.

Levels of Hormones

Too much thyroid hormone in the body can cause bone loss. When women go through menopause, they experience an increased bone loss due to the reduced level of estrogen. Amenorrhea or the absence of periods for a long time can also cause bone weakening. Men can lose bone mass due to the decreased testosterone level in their bodies.

History of Family and Race 

If you are of Asian or White descent, you have a greater risk of developing Osteoporosis. Additionally, if you have a sibling or parent who has Osteoporosis, you are at a greater risk to have the same disease. Especially if you possess a familial history of getting fractures, you will possibly develop bone health problems even more.  

Particular Medications

The utilization of corticosteroid medications for a long time like cortisone, prednisone, dexamethasone, and prednisolone can cause damage to the bones. According to the best orthopaedic hospital in Mumbai, other drugs can also cause damage to the bones in your body. The drugs include medications for breast cancer, aromatase inhibitors, some medications to treat seizures like phenobarbital, proton pump inhibitors, and reuptake of some serotonin inhibitors.

Eating Disorder

If you are suffering from a severe eating disorder and have restricted food intake that makes you underweight can cause bone loss in both men’s and women’s bodies. Furthermore, diseases like celiac disease and weight-losing surgeries often cause the lack of absorption of calcium.


The above-mentioned elements harm your bone health which can compel you to get admitted to the best orthopaedic hospital in Mumbai.  Because if your bones are weak, there is a greater possibility to have fractured bones at the slightest of falls. Therefore, you must take better care of your bone health through a healthy diet and exercise. Also, take care of your lifestyle at all times with good food. 

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