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How many of you consider salary as the main factor to retain talented employees? The majority of business owners have the misconception that employees want only an increase in salary no matter what. But that’s completely wrong at all. Undoubtedly, a hike in salary is a key driver but there are several other factors as well that can’t be neglected at any cost. For Instance: work culture, learning opportunities, and many more. Recently, companies are facing a bulk crippling shortage of skilled professional candidates. 

Have you ever noticed why everyone loves to work with Amazon, Google, or Paytm? Of course, they have a remarkable reputation among the IT industry and serve their employees with utmost care than other companies. Today’s employees prioritize career growth over salary hikes in a company where they are feeling left out. 

Here are some best tips to consider to retain talent in the organization

  • Balanced Work-Life Ensures More Productivity

Now, people prefer to work with a company that facilitates better work-life balance. They believe that if their personal and professional life is balanced, they can deliver the productive work like a cakewalk. By considering the above fact, an organization must ensure that they are not putting tremendous work pressure on their employees. 

  • Provides Learning & Development Environment to Employees

Talented employees don’t lose a single chance to learn new skills. They are curious to develop their knowledge routinely. Wouldn’t it be better if you offer training and development programs in your organization? This strategy won’t only boost up retention but also make your employees knowledgeable. Eventually, these trained skills will help in shaping your company’s future. Isn’t it so? 

  • Schedule Stay Interviews

Stay interviews are the opportunity to ask for feedback of your company from the employees who are about to leave your company. This way, you’ll have a golden opprounity to implement changes if the feedback seems ok to you. Additionally, this’ll also increase the chances of retention of that employee. You can guide them on the best ways of career progression. 

  • Adhere to (DEIB)  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging 

When management of the company emphasizes (DEIB) concept, there are less likely to have retention as a result. Therefore, if your company doesn’t put effort into (DEIB), there’ll be a huge struggle in attracting talented employees.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to retaining employees strategically, you should prioritize what employees are looking for. You can match their requirements and have a high retention rate. If you are struggling to approach talented people, you can approach to IT staffing companies like CBSI Global. They are committed to offering quality IT staffing services like never before, For more information, you can visit their website and have a discussion with their customer support team. 


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