Universal Travel Pass Railway- Your Pass to Travel without Restrictions

As the country is gearing up for the imminent pandemic, the central government has announced a lockdown. Different state govt. is executing and monitoring a strict lockdown statewide. With the increased number of checkpoints, they may even want to digitally track your movement. But with a universal travel pass, you can travel freely during the Covid 19 lockdown, without any restriction.

The Maharashtra state of India has come up with this unique solution of intriguing a Universal travel pass that can be used by citizens and emergency staff, and workers to travel safely and freely across the state.

This Universal travel pass for railway and buses will give a safe passage for emergency workers and citizens who have to travel outdoors due to any kind of emergencies.

What is the need for Universal Travel pass?

The world is changing and the way we travel is changing too. The Covid 19 lockdown has thrown up a very interesting demand, the UTP or the Universal Travel Pass. This travel pass, like the name suggests, gives users unrestricted access to public transport (both buses and railways) without any restrictions.

This blog will look at the different ways that we can implement these Universal Travel Passes and also some of the potential challenges we will face.

Benefits of Universal Travel Pass

Imagine a world where you can go anywhere and do anything with just a single pass during the covid lockdown. Sounds like something out of a dream, right? Well, that’s exactly what the Universal Travel Pass is.

It’s a special key to gain unlimited access to any business or location you desire without any restrictions. But how does it work? It is a special key that allows its owner to travel anywhere and do anything without any restrictions. It is the only key that can open every single door and travel pass in India.

The introduction of the Universal travel pass is a blessing for the emergency workers and citizens who are traveling due to some emergency (medical or any other). There are many benefits associated with the universal travel pass after being introduced by Maharashtra Govt.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of this Universal travel pass,

  • A major hurdle for emergency covid workers or warriors is to face the checkpoints and prove the identity and also declare the purpose of the journey. It was wasting valuable time and also resources in some cases. But with the introduction of the Universal travel pass, any emergency worker traveling for covid duty has to only show this pass and travel hassle-free.
  • Another biggest advantage of the universal travel pass is that it is available online. You don’t have to run to any institution and police station to create one (as was happening before for a travel pass). You can apply online and get it downloaded on your mobile phone.
  • The universal travel pass is not meant for emergency workers only but it is for citizens who want to travel for a medical emergency or related reasons.
  • Apart from medical staff, doctors, police, fire officers many other sectors were identified and included in the list of emergency sectors like the energy sector (electric, power grid), telecommunications, banks, etc.
  • The Universal Travel Pass is a special card that has been issued to all Covid warriors by the Maharashtra government. The Universal Travel Pass allows its holder to travel anywhere in Maharashtra without any restriction. The card is to be used for emergencies only, and can only be used by Covid warriors.
  • This pass can be both used public and private transport for verification of identity. The universal travel pass for the railway can be used when traveling on the train. Railway authorities can scan the QR code present on the pass to verify the authenticity of the pass.
  • The same thing is applicable for Buses and other traveling modes and passes can be verified to check the authenticity of the person traveling.

How to register for Universal Travel Pass?

The Universal Travel pass is managed and executed by the Disaster Management department of Govt of Maharashtra. The aim of this pass is to authenticate the urgency of travel for citizens and workers during the lockdown period. It is both applicable for lockdown, night curfews, and shutdowns.

Various departments and sectors are identified and classified based on the nature of their business. It empowers their staff or workers to travel during restrictions. This pass is made based on timelines and guidelines.

The e-pass generated by the system for individual workers can be used by employees to travel in buses and railways.

The Registration Process for Universal Travel Pass

Travelling has become a lot tougher in the last two years, due to Covid 19 restrictions. But thanks to a Universal travel pass you can travel freely during emergencies in and out of Maharashtra.

Link to Universal Travel Pass Registration- https://epassmsdma.mahait.org/

Here is how you can start with the registration of your establishment as a common citizen the process is as follows,

  • To start, an establishment must register. This is a one-time process.
  • The owner or a designated person of the establishment acts as the single point of contact and confirms all disclaimers by reviewing any changes to their establishment information in real-time during business hours.
  • The Regional Disaster Management Authority will communicate with the owner via email about the outcome of their request for registration.
  • On approval, he may add more single points of contact for his establishment. These employees or workers act as emergency travelers and their contact information to be updated on the system.
  • After uploading staff information from the excel sheet, the users will receive a text message asking them to log into their account.
  • The user will then have to log in via an SMS and then upload photos to generate access passes for that day.
  • Please note that after uploading one photo, it will not be possible to upload another as this system is set up only for a single photo per pass each day.
  • However, staff members wishing to print out or save the images of the e-passes they generated may do so at any time per their own discretion.

Establishment Registration Process-Step by Step

Here is the Establishment Registration process explained in a step-by-step method,

Here is the link for Establishments to Register Online for Universal travel Pass- https://epassmsdma.mahait.org/register.htm?_qc=35d74b07634a66b9d0905db7a78d7474

  • Establishment apply online for registration
  • Application is reviewed and approved by the Disaster Management Authority after due diligence
  • After successful registration Staff can upload his/her photograph and generate Travel Pass
  • SMS based login system for all approved staff members
  • Individual Establishment can upload the details of their Staff like Name, contact no in bulk by using CSV (comma separated value) file

Establishment Login Process Explained

Here is the link for Establishments to log in to the Universal travel pass portal- https://epassmsdma.mahait.org/LoginHandler.htm?_qc=c1144fb6abf8e87ecf9e0008b902fc96

  • After successful registration (approved by the Disaster management authority), Individual establishments can log in to the web portal through the given link above. Coordinators of these approved establishments can log in through their mobile numbers.
  • Coordinators, as designated by various approved establishments, can download the CSV template available on the web portal to provide staff information.
  • To log in to the establishment the Mobile Number and Name are compulsory.
  • Coordinators from each establishment to fill-up staff information who need a universal travel pass
  • They are required to Upload their Staff Details as prescribed in the CSV file and upload the CSV file
  • Staff members will be intimated through SMS once their information is successfully submitted.

Staff Login Process Explained

Here is how staff can log in to the web portal and generate their Universal travel pass. To log in to the system visit the following link- https://epassmsdma.mahait.org/downloadPass.htm?_qc=392b6a53fc2c5e247f94a5005e3b09d5

  • Staff can Log in to the web portal using their mobile number, they will receive an OTP on their mobile no
  • They have to Upload photos of themselves and this is a one-time activity
  • The next step is to generate an e-pass.
  • Once the Generation of e-pass is done you need to take a printout and use it.


The universal travel pass is a ticket that allows you to use all forms of public and private transport in Maharashtra during CIVID lockdown. These passes are available online for staff and citizens. If you want more information on how these passes work or where they can be created, please visit the links above.

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