Destination weddings have seen a resurgence over the last year. Over 25% of ceremonies, about 340,000, occur in a location other than the couple’s hometown. Planning is necessary to ensure your dream wedding goes off without a hitch. Here are seven tips to help you with the process.

1. Set A Budget .

It’s a great idea to have your wedding on a Hawaiian beach as the sun sets over the Pacific. However, have you considered how much this would cost for you and your guests? The joy of the occasion could be seriously marred. Plus, a chunk of your budget disappears before either of you utters “I do.”

You must set a budget for your dream destination wedding as you would for a local event. On top of the ceremony and reception, you need to include transportation, accommodations, and fees for international paperwork. Create a budget for each dream destination to determine the best option.

2. Examine Several Potential Wedding Dates

Don’t assume there’s a perfect date when planning your wedding. There’s no such thing when it comes to a destination event. Other couples look at the same date for an exclusive location. Plus, you must be flexible for your guests.

Examine several dates that fit your needs. Avoid lumping them in one season. If you want a summer wedding, check the availability of dates before and after the peak months. There’s a good chance the dates bordering popular times are available and affordable.

3. Meet With A Planner

Once you come up with a date, it’s time to plan your wedding with someone from your destination. It’s easier to hire someone from the location for preparations since they intimately know the area. In turn, they can locate unique spaces to hold the ceremony and reception.

Planning is simplified if you get married at a resort. There are wedding planners on staff to coordinate all the steps. Plus, their services are free if you decide to have a part of your wedding at the resort. Having a planner do the work relieves a level of pressure.

4. Determine Marriage Qualifications

Marriage is a binding legal agreement in countries across the globe. For that reason, determining the qualifications for your dream destination must occur before the event. In some cases, they only apply to a country’s citizens.

If this is the case, get married locally to make it official. A simple ceremony conducted by a justice of the peace takes care of the legal portion of your relationship. When you do this, there’s less pressure on the destination ceremony.

5. Buy The Right Clothes

There are many locations to hold a destination wedding. Many people look at tropical venues. On the other hand, some couples prefer a ceremony in the mountains or an attraction like Disneyland. No matter what you choose, make sure your wedding clothes are appropriate for the climate.

Consider bridal gowns for your destination wedding to be lightweight and light-colored if your ceremony is in a warm climate. On the other hand, men should consider layers for tropical ceremonies. Wear darker colors and warmer fabrics if you hold the ceremony at a ski resort.

6. Allocate Enough Time For Travel

It’s critical to allocate enough time for everyone to get to your destination. There’s always a chance of inclement weather delays, such as snowstorms and hurricanes, that delay your wedding. So, consider a backup date and venue in case adverse situations arise.

Also, ensure your guests have a day or two to leave after the event. It gives them a place to stay if the weather closes roads or airports. Conversely, it allows them to tour the area in their free time.

7. Think Of Your Guests

A dream destination wedding is for you and your guests. Thus, consider their needs as you plan the event. Think of ways to entertain and feed children attending the ceremony. Further, ask the venue about dietary options for those with food allergies. On top of this, guarantee the destination has accommodations for disabled guests.

Closing Thoughts

Don’t panic about the above steps to plan your dream destination wedding in 2022. Review each one separately and make changes where necessary. Before you know it, your dream destination wedding date will arrive.

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