A marine surveyor job includes extensive inspections of ships and vessels. They make sure the boats meet the government classifications for that type of boat. Marine surveyors are called in in the event of an accident, as they can help determine a possible cause. They inspect the boats during their construction, as well as once a year to make sure the boat is still up to performance standards.

The job also requires a surveyor to be good at public speaking, have a high knowledge of water, and be good with math, including taking precise measurements. Accredited marine surveyors are considered experts in the field and can be called in to assist coroners with investigations. They may also be required to attend court to give their expert opinion in a case. Surveyors help with insurance claims, survey a ship, and write a report of their findings. They are valuable to insurance companies in evaluating fraudulent claims.

One of the best accredited  marine construction facilities in the US is the Accredited Marine Surveyor Society, which is also known as SAMS. This is where marine surveyors can take an exam along with meeting the other requirements for accreditation. They also provided accreditation to people in the UK. An International Association of Marine Surveyors is another organization that offers accreditation of marine surveyors. They are also known as NAMS.

The International Shipping Register is located in the UK and provides maritime certification, training and consulting to marine surveyors in the UK or overseas. Japan also offers surveyors the opportunity to get accredited with ClassNK. They offer practical training and certification resources to interested candidates. Their training courses enhance the surveyor’s skills and help strengthen the areas where they need help most. Norway also offers marine surveyor certification on components and materials so they can quickly and accurately assess the vessel.

In order for a person to receive accreditation, they must have a minimum of five years of experience in the inspection of boats. The experience must be obtained in the last ten years. Relevant experience can be used instead of years, but is determined by the organization. Anyone seeking accreditation must pass an oral and written exam that is relevant to their field of study. Surveyors work with a diverse group of people and must know how to explain their findings clearly. Knowing how to properly interact with people of different classes is a valuable personality trait. Work can be difficult without it.

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