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Every Canadian employer needs the LMIA or Labour Market Impact Assessment document before hiring an employee from abroad. This document ensures that the organizations offering jobs are not negatively impacting the Canadian labor market by hiring foreign workers and that the Canadians get preference for jobs in Canada. At the same time, it even ensures that the foreign workers being hired are offered the right wages and good working conditions in Canada.

The IMP (International Mobility Program) is responsible for the temporary foreign workers to secure a job in Canada without needing an LMIA. The best Canada PR consultant in India will guide you through the process of a Canada visa to work without the LMIA document:

The following list shows the opportunities in Canada visa to work that doesn’t require the LMIA:

Food processing and Agriculture sector:

Canada has completely removed the process of obtaining an LMIA for foreign nationals working in some particular agricultural and food processing positions. The following career options are available without needing an LMIA Canada visa to work:

  • Agricultural service contractors
  • Retail and wholesale meat suppliers, meat cutters, and fishmongers
  • Specialized livestock laborers 
  • Farm supervisors
  • General Farm Workers
  • Harvest laborers 
  • Seafood and fish plant workers
  • Nursery and Greenhouse Workers
  • Laborers working in beverage, food, and other associated processing industries
  • Laborers working in the seafood and fish processing industry 

Workers Belonging to Countries having International Agreements

Under section number 204 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR), workers from countries with the following international agreements are exempted from needing the LMIA Canada visa to work:

  • NAFTA– North American Free Trade Agreement 
  • GATS– The General Agreement on Trade in Services (World Trade Organization- WTO)
  • FTA – (Free Trade Agreements with some countries such as Chile, Columbia, and Bermuda)
  • CETA– ( The Canada- European Union Comprehensive Trade Agreement)

These international agreements ensure that eligible foreign traders, workers, and businessmen can come and work in Canada without an LMIA application. The agreements guide cooperation like permitting branches, subsidiaries, and affiliates of companies transferring workers. The best Canada PR consultant in India will inform you about the eligibility and application process in complete detail. 

  • Youth exchange program (International Experience Canada (IEC))
  • Airline workers
  • Transferees from international branches of any organization
  • Trader
  • Investor

Individuals of Canadian interests:

Under section number 205 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR), foreign workers falling under the Canadian interest’s category can work in Canada without an LMIA Canada visa to work. The following career options are available under this exemption category:

  • Foreign physicians seeking work in Quebec
  • Foreign director or  camp owner, outfitter
  • Repair personnel for equipment that is out of warranty
  • Interns from international organizations that are recognized under the Foreign Missions and International Organizations Act
  • Film and television production workers
  • Rail welders, rail grinder operators, or other track maintenance special workers
  • Francophone skilled workers

Immigration pilots:

The Home Child Care Provider Pilot or also the Home support worker Pilot enables foreign national caregivers to immigrate without the LMIA Canada visa to work. 

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot by four Maritime Provinces New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island, and Labrador offers you an opportunity to immigrate and work in one of these four provinces by getting a job offer from any of the participants’ employers from the provinces.

Specific Visa holder:

Spouses, common-law partners of visa holders are exempted from needing the LMIA Canada visa to work.

The eligible specific visa holders refer to:

  • Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) holders
  • Spouses of students
  • Spouses of skilled workers
  • Students seeking off-campus employment
  • Post-doctoral Ph.D. fellows, award recipients

As we see, there are a plethora of opportunities for seeking work in Canada without the LMIA. The best Canada PR consultant in India is here to assist you through your visa application to work and immigrate to Canada.

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