AZ 304 Training: Learn About Data Flows Using Azure Synapse Analytics Architecture

We live in a dynamic market today that is constantly evolving. To keep pace with the advancing market requirements, Microsoft keeps updating its services and certification courses to add new course material to help skilled professionals to master key functionalities and operations. These are functionalities that are vital for every service. The Microsoft Azure Architect Design certification course is one such credential.

Microsoft has recently upgraded its AZ-301 certification. Its globally recognised Architect Design credential is now called the AZ-304 certification exam which was rolled out in 2020. Having this certification to your name validates your experience, expertise and skills as an Azure professional. It tells hiring managers that you are a valuable addition to the team and worth hiring.

According to some experts, the AZ-304 training is the toughest one to prepare for among all other Microsoft certification paths. There are only two expert-level certifications that Microsoft provides, and the AZ-304 certification is one of them. 

Candidates preparing for the Azure Architect Design certification take on the role of a Solutions Architect going forward. Their key responsibilities include acting as advisors to stakeholders as well as converting business requirements to reliable, secure and scalable solutions. 

Learning Objectives of an AZ-304 Certification Course:

After completing an AZ-304 training course from a reputed training platform, you are ready to take on a wide range of responsibilities. This is because the course is designed to train you to:

  • Recommend solutions to minimise costs
  • Recommend solutions for conditional access, including MFA
  • Recommend hybrid identity solutions like Azure AD Connect
  • Recommend solutions that allow businesses to use Azure Policy
  • Recommend solutions including KeyVault
  • Recommend solutions that use Azure AD Managed Identities
  • Recommend storage access solutions
  • Recommend autoscale solutions
  • Recommend container solutions
  • Recommend solutions for network security
  • Recommend database migration solutions
  • Recommend virtual machine migration solutions and app migration solutions
  • Design solutions for Azure Site Recovery

AZ-304 Training Course Prerequisites:

To clear your AZ-304 qualifying exam, you must have the following knowledge base:

  • Understanding virtual networking, on-premise virtualisation, virtual machines and virtual hard disks
  • Understanding network configuration including DNS, firewalls, VPNs, encryption technologies and TCP/IP
  • Understanding forests, replication domain controllers, Kerberos protocol, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and other Active Directory concepts
  • Understanding disaster resilience and recovery, including backup operations and restoration
  • Understanding APIs and app development
  • Understanding the various database types, including Postgres, MySQL and other SQL databases and MongoDB and other non-SQL databases
  • Understanding tables, queues, cache and other decoupling apps and services
  • Understanding security concepts that enable business environment protection, including encryption at rest, in transit, SSL and TLS.

Microsoft also mandates that candidates also require specific certifications before applying for the Azure Architect Design certification. These include:

  • Azure Administrators AZ-104 or AZ-303 certification
  • AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals – with either instructor-led training or any equivalent of it

Microsoft’s Directives on the AZ-304 Azure Architect Design Certification:

Microsoft keeps upgrading the curriculum of its certifications and modules. The data on the official Microsoft website informs that the AZ-304 qualifying exam is set to retire in 2022. At the time of writing this article, Microsoft is working on a framework for its replacement, the AZ-305 credential. You can take a look at the beta version of this certification today. To clear the AZ-304 certification exam, candidates must score at least 700 out of a total of 1000, which comes up to 70%.

Advantages of an AZ-304 Certification:

There are several benefits of taking up an AZ-304 training course. This is because there are several benefits of an AZ-304 certification for Azure Architecture Design.

  • When you earn the AZ-304, you demonstrate your expertise and skills to create robust architecture across physical, hybrid and cloud environments.
  • You will have one of the IT industry’s most advanced credentials to your name and that too by Microsoft. This adds to your credibility and backs up your claims as an expert in Azure Architecture Design.
  • You get a higher threshold for earning as your potential income increases significantly. The average Azure Architect Design professional earns about $140,000 per year in the USA. In other countries too, the salary remains one of the highest in the industry.

Take the next step for your career and enrol in an AZ-304 training course today.

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